A Loss Is A Loss, But I Have To Get Back On It

It’s that time of week again folks, weigh night. This last week has been a long week, so it feels anyway. It’s certainly been a long slog and I’m still tired from the weekend, even though today is Thursday.

I’ve been on-call with work this last week. Often we don’t get called, but this weekend I did, a few times. It started Saturday morning at 3am. Now when I’m called I don’t have to physically go to work, I log on from home (a perk of working in IT). But still, I was working from 3am until 9am when the issue was finally resolved. At this point, wifey told me to go back to bed for a bit. But I was awake and wouldn’t just go to sleep, so I decided to just crack on with the day. I took my eldest for her swimming lesson and then took my youngest to my grandmas for lunch. Just a typical Saturday.

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Reflecting On What I Call A Good Week

Last week I was disappointed after the weigh-in. I’d lost a whole half a lbs, not really what I was aiming for. But I had a good, long, hard think about why I hadn’t had a good loss then. You can read that here.

This week though, I am glad the report, was a much better week. I started out well. I found my old food journal (where we track everything we eat). I’d identified I wasn’t counting syns properly, if at all. So I set myself a goal of going at this week properly. I made sure I stuck within my syns, I ate as much speed free food as I could. I snacked on fruit instead of syn loaded goodies and made sure a third of my plate was speed free food at meal times.

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Think Of What Happened And Reflect

Starting this week I will be writing a weekly post about my week. I’m planning it being a weekly fixture on every Thursday as my weigh week runs Wednesday-Wednesday; basically, Wednesday is weigh night and this is my Time to Reflect on the past week.

Let’s start with how I did this week at the weigh-in. I was hopeful of a good weight loss this week, I felt I’d done what I can to earn myself that 2 stone award back, I only need 1 lb to get it. No matter how hopeful I was, it didn’t come. I lost half a lbs this week. Not a reflection of what I thought I deserved going into weigh-in, but it’s what I got. This means I’m still half a lbs away from getting my 2 stone back again, deflated is an understatement of how I felt at the group.

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Early Present For Me

I skipped Wednesday weight night this week. Two reasons lead me to get weighed yesterday morning instead, 1) it was my work Xmas lunch on Wednesday (I am not getting weighed after a 3-course meal) and 2) I wasn’t well Wednesday evening.

I was good this week where possible. Most meals were on plan this week with just a small number of snacky treats in between. I had to use some self-control this week but I just hoped leading up to Saturday that it would help and I’d have another loss, the last one before Christmas.

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Missed A Group And Paid The Price

It’s not easy trying to change something about yourself.  Especially when you’re trying to change years of bad habits and bad food.  It’s even harder if you put in place a support network of people and you miss a week at group.  This is what I did last week.  I wasn’t feeling up to going so I didn’t, the result was two bad weeks instead of one.

Food addiction is an actual thing and I suffer from it – big time.  I can go a few weeks being on plan with Slimming World and get some cracking losses each week, but then the cravings start.  This is the food addiction kicking in.  This started kicking in again last week.  What did I do about it? Nothing, abso-freaking-lutely nothing.

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Can You Be Happy And Sad At The Same Time?


Yesterday was Wednesday, which in turn means last night was weigh night.  We know I dread weighing in, the though those numbers go up instead of down compared to last week can drain me sometimes.  This week I tried to be optimistic.  The wife said she was dreading getting weighed and would paddy if she hadn’t lost what she wanted.  I had to ignore her (in the nicest way possible).  I didn’t want to worry about the weigh-in this week.

We managed to get to group a little earlier than usual this week.  We were crowning Mr Sleek and Miss Slinky so is was TASTER night.  I love taster nights, we get to eat while at group, some people take good low syn things in, some people take high syn snacks and treats.  We contributed some Deviled Eggs – a very easy thing to make, eggs, chilli powder and some red pepper for horns – I can share that in a recipe post some time.


My Deviled Eggs

Anyway, we joined the queue, checked in and paid our weekly fee and went to weigh.  I did my usual wallet, keys, watch etc on the table, shoes off and climbed on the scales.  Much to my dismay I didn’t loose what I needed to get my 2 stone certificate.  I was a little disheartened by that, but on the bright side I’d lost and I am now down into the next stone bracket with my weight.  Past every cloud there is sunshine and all that.

Still I lost 2.5 lbs this week, which means I’m now 2 lbs away from obtaining my 2 stone certificate and shiny sticker.  Next week it will be mine and I can add some more paper to the side of the fridge at home.

My journey so far

Week: 26
Weight Lost: 1 Stone 12 lbs
To Club 10: 7.5 lbs