13.1 Miles Is A Massively Long Way

So yesterday, my dear wife left me in London to join the other 13 thousand or so people looking to complete the London Landmarks Half Marathon. Running something that wifey finds enjoyable, she entered along side my cousin – only my cousin didn’t get a place.

At around 09.40, I gave her kiss and wished her luck as she joined the huge queue to start her run. Initially we planned to see her at Miles 2, 5, 6, 7.5, 8, 9, 12 and the finish. They layout of the route meant that we got to see them 3 or 4 times at points without us having to move more than a few feet.

London Landmarks Half Marathon Route 2019
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#REDJanuary Week 2 In Review

Already 2 weeks into the New Year and still going strong. Am I getting bored of cycling yet? Hell no, though I am itching to get outside… hurry up better weather and more daylight. I’m really enjoying riding Zwift on the turbo at the moment, the format of the workouts are keeping me engaged in what I’m doing.

So week 1 I completed 74.7 miles. I’m at 151.3 miles for the month/year now, so that makes 76.6 miles for days 8 to 14. I said I was going to beat the first week total and I have, just. This makes me feel good, makes me feel I’ve achieved something as I haven’t had quite as much time this week to do some longer rides as week 1. Some rides this week have been under 30 minutes, but still enough to clock up a few miles and get the heart rate up a bit.

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I’ve Signed Up To The Zwift Tour Of London

Zwift today have kicked off their annual Tour of London in the virtual world of indoor training.  Normally I wouldn’t enter something like this, but I figured if I can find the groups around a time I can make then why not?  After all, I get a Tour of London Jersey to wear in Zwift if I complete all 5 stages.

Each stage will be setting off on the hour every hour for 24 hours.  This means there must be somewhere for me to be able to make one of the Groups.  The schedule released by Zwift is as follows;

  • Stage 1: December 13th (Thursday)
  • Stage 2: December 15th (Saturday)
  • Stage 3: December 17th (Monday)
  • Stage 4: December 19th (Wednesday)
  • Stage 5: December 21st (Friday)
  • Catch-Up: December 23rd (Sunday)
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