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It’s Not All Routine

Where do I begin? It’s been a few weeks. I got to admit the last few weeks have not been easy, not in the slightest. But when life throws some decisions and challenges at us, it is how we react and come out the other side that define us

That said, am I in a good place following said few weeks? I don’t know if I’m honest. I’m excited about what the future will bring, but I’m also scared so much because I am miles out of my comfort zone.

Now, this is a weight loss blog. People don’t come here to read about how to keep it together in your head. I’m not here for that. What I am here for is to explain there can easily be a direct correlation between one’s state of mind and achieving a steadfast weight loss each week.

When I’m in my usual routine and things are planned out the best they can be, I am good. In my head, I don’t worry about anything other than me and my family and what we’re going to get up to. These are weeks I find it easier to stick to the plan and get a good result on a Monday evening. Bare with me, we are going to get to a point shortly.

The last few weeks have not been our usual routine. Wifey has taken a new job working a couple of evenings a week and a weekend. Now, this has been tough on her, I mean really tough. As well as working 3 days in her other job, she’s working around 44 hours a week combined.

Since our eldest was born, wifey has only ever worked 22.5 hours a week (3 days). Now that’s double and she’s working more hours than me. Mentally, for me, it has meant readjustment. It has meant doing more jobs around the house (wifey might argue that ha!) and it means me having the kids on my own more. This isn’t bad, I love spending time with them. But it’s been a shock to the system and routine has gone well out the window.

With my usual routine gone my diet has been up and down. I gained… then lost… then gained again this week. There is no consistency and this is where I am going with this. When I listen to others in the group on a Monday evening, they share why they’ve had a good week, or why they’ve not had such a good week. What I often hear is those who have kept to their usual routine have done great and got results they wanted. Those who haven’t been able to keep to their routine for one reason or another often see a weight gain.

Now I’m no psychiatrist, but there is a pattern there. A pattern I have been able to identify in myself lately. An irregular routine has meant little planning of food ahead of time. If we’re in our usual routine we are often prepared and planned for. Remember, fail to prepare, prepare to fail.

What I need is to identify a new routine. Something that works around the new commitments of wifey and me. I see daily life and the little bits we have to do as building blocks. We built our tower over the last few years with our little family and our routines. Now we’re expanding our tower with new blocks and it’s all about fitting these new blocks in with the old ones to reconstruct a new tower – but with added extras. It makes sense to me anyway.

The next couple of weeks will be testing and hard, for both wifey and me. We’re a team so if one of us struggles we both struggle. It’s all about how we come out the other side. When we get on top of these changes, which we will, the weight will start to come off consistently again. I will be in a routine I can plan for and I will be settled again.

If your weight loss journey has hit a wall or isn’t going as well as you had hoped, maybe you need to look from the outside in. Is there something which has changed lately? Is there something which is making you feel uncomfortable, but you keep ignoring it because you just have to get on with it? If you were losing weight regularly before, think about how your circumstances were then and compare it to now. This is all I’ve done so far and it’s allowed me to identify what’s happening. Maybe it could with you too?

Think Of What Happened And Reflect

Starting this week I will be writing a weekly post about my week. I’m planning it being a weekly fixture on every Thursday as my weigh week runs Wednesday-Wednesday; basically, Wednesday is weigh night and this is my Time to Reflect on the past week.

Let’s start with how I did this week at the weigh-in. I was hopeful of a good weight loss this week, I felt I’d done what I can to earn myself that 2 stone award back, I only need 1 lb to get it. No matter how hopeful I was, it didn’t come. I lost half a lbs this week. Not a reflection of what I thought I deserved going into weigh-in, but it’s what I got. This means I’m still half a lbs away from getting my 2 stone back again, deflated is an understatement of how I felt at the group.

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Missed A Group And Paid The Price

It’s not easy trying to change something about yourself.  Especially when you’re trying to change years of bad habits and bad food.  It’s even harder if you put in place a support network of people and you miss a week at group.  This is what I did last week.  I wasn’t feeling up to going so I didn’t, the result was two bad weeks instead of one.

Food addiction is an actual thing and I suffer from it – big time.  I can go a few weeks being on plan with Slimming World and get some cracking losses each week, but then the cravings start.  This is the food addiction kicking in.  This started kicking in again last week.  What did I do about it? Nothing, abso-freaking-lutely nothing.

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Boiling Point

I’ve neglected this blog for the last week. I’ve not been in the best place in my head during this time.  Wednesday I hit boiling point and I went off the rails a little.  The usually calm, passive, nothing bothers me person that is me had disappeared for a short time.  An angry, emotional person appeared – enough to the point I had to take a walk to cool off.

Wednesday night was an all-time low for my mood and how I feel.  Never before have I felt so angry, but what makes it worse is I can’t pinpoint as to why.  It doesn’t seem it was a single thing that made my head snap, it must have been an amalgamation of ‘stressors’ that had caused my little episode.

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