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A Weekend To Remember

We know I’ve been struggling with motivation for anything recently. It’s been hard, you can read about it in my last couple of posts. But things are starting to look up a little bit...


Losing The Will

Why can’t weight loss be as easy as weight gain? We all know it’s harder to lose a few lbs compared to gaining a few lbs. But just lately I’ve hit a bad patch...


Challenge 50: On Hold

The silence is deadly. Starring at my bike, wondering why. Why is it so quiet? It’s quiet because it’s motionless. It’s motionless because the engine is broken and a bicycle cannot do much without...


It’s Not All Routine

Where do I begin? It’s been a few weeks. I got to admit the last few weeks have not been easy, not in the slightest. But when life throws some decisions and challenges at...