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Damage Control

When it comes to balancing weight-loss diets and life, sometimes life needs to take priority. If you don’t let it, you will soon find yourself feeling down and stuck in a rut. This is...


Who Am I?

I am everything you need to keep you smiling, but I am also the nightmare that stops you in your track. I make you feel so good about yourself, but I can also make...


That Time Of Year

I love Olaf’s little song about That Time of Year.  Having a 4-year-old daughter means this film is often on in our household right now.  I don’t mind, the snowman is hilarious – more...


Putting It Behind Me

If I cast myself to this time last week I was buzzing.  I had lost weight for 3 weeks running and was starting to make a nice little run of decent weight losses.  I’d...