Guilt-Free Thinking

If you ask most Slimming World members (or anyone trying to lose weight via some sort of plan) if they stuffed their face over Christmas, the likely answer would either be a yes, or a very shady no. Especially Christmas Day, anything resembling a weight loss diet goes out of the window.

I will openly admit this last week while I’ve been away with family I’ve not even thought about Slimming World once. I’ve eaten chocolate & pastries, I’ve drunk beer and I’ve not been on the bike (kinda difficult when I couldn’t take it with me). So from a Slimming World point of view, I’ve done everything but stick to the plan.

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Feeling Robbed

Yesterday was Christmas lunch day with the team at work. Around 20 of us headed to a local pub for a 3-course festive meal. It was a good laugh and nice to talk to some of the guys (and gals) outside of the workplace. As I previously mentioned in a previous post, I chose a little wisely on the menu choices to suit Slimming World as best I could.

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Then yesterday evening after getting home I didn’t feel too great. But Wednesday is the night where we take our daughter to my grandma’s for tea with her cousins. It’s nice they get to see each other at least once a month and the kids get spoiled there.

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That Time Of Year

Happy, merry, holly, jolly season’s greetings here

I love Olaf’s little song about That Time of Year.  Having a 4-year-old daughter means this film is often on in our household right now.  I don’t mind, the snowman is hilarious – more so than my daughter realizes.

The above image sums up this time of year perfectly in my eyes, sweets everywhere!  Treat tables where ever we go and sweets at work, there is just no break from it.  The power of will for someone who is trying to lose weight has to be strong right now, otherwise work that has already achieved something can easily be undone again.

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Taking Back Control

Last week I published a post Missed A Group And Paid The Price.  I was determined not to have another gain this week when I went to my Slimming World Group.

I haven’t had a fantastic week food wise.  Most meals have been somewhat on plan, but there have been meals that haven’t.  We went to see Santa with the Kids at Sundown Adventure Land at the weekend.  Now, these sort of places do not know what healthy food is when it comes to their cafes for lunch.  Largely their meals consist of Burgers, Hot Dogs or Pizza.  But then the wife saw they have Jacket Potatoes – long behold I somewhat kept to plan.

2lbs off this week
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47 Days

What’s in 47 days?  Am I referring to something 47 days ago, or am I referring to something in 47 days time?  Either way, are you asking Google, or Alexa, or Siri right now what’s in 47 days time?  If you are asking, I wonder what answer you get?

Anyway, technology aside, I’m referring to the next holiday in the UK.  I know in the USA you have Thanks Giving first, but we British are now on full steam to Christmas.  Halloween has passed us and bonfire night was earlier this week (though the sound of fireworks still going off at night would say otherwise).

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