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Benefits Of Getting Moving

For years I’ve always said exercise is dangerous. Exercise causes injuries which can hurt and can stop you going to work and earning a wage. Pretty dangerous when you’ve a family to support. But in reality, exercise is brilliant if you do it properly.

When I was younger and at school, I did plenty of exercise. Whether it was walking to school, running around in PE at school or going out with friends outside of school, I was always doing something. Then when I left school it started to subside. I passed my driving test and started driving everywhere instead of walking or getting on the bike. As much as I have relied on driving for work etc, it really killed me health wise.

I gained weight rapidly after passing my driving test. That mixed with working meant I had money. Where did I spend money? Food outlets such as McDonalds, Frankie and Bennys, the local Chip Shop, the pub. I spent money on food like it was going out of fashion because in my late teens it was a way of getting out of the house.

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#REDJanuary: Week 4 In Review

Now on the final stretch to February. I can’t believe January seems to have gone by so quickly. It doesn’t seem that long ago since it was Christmas and the New Year was breaking in, but here we are 4 weeks into the year already.

This week physically hurt on the bike. My body has never done anything like this every day. Usually, if I exercise it takes me a couple of days to recover, but that seems to be changing. I’m feeling good for the miles I’ve ridden so far this year. I’m already past last years total mileage, so now it’s just about finishing the month off strong.

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#REDJanuary Week 1 In Review

We’re a week into 2019 already. With how fast that seems to have flown there is no wonder 2018 seemed to go by with a blur. But 1 week in means 7 days of riding my bike so far and I’ve got to say, I’m enjoying it at the moment.

In the last week, I’ve recorded 74.7 miles on the bike. All my rides in 2018 totaled 196.6 miles, so I’ve already ridden 37.99% of my 2018 total in 2019. For someone like me, fairly fresh to the idea of frequent exercise and being the size I am, that’s fairly impressive. I’m impressed anyway and that’s all that matters.

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What Is #REDJanuary

I’m not into this New Year, New Me stuff. Instead, I’m going to use January to get my backside off the sofa more and on the bike. December is never a good month for me and my weight loss journey, so extra exercise will only help me lose anything I put on over Christmas.

Some people have asked me what #REDJanuary is when I’ve mentioned it. RED stands for Ride Every Day. I originally thought of doing this a good number of weeks ago when I saw a post from somewhere else on the Internet where the author was doing Hunt for the Red October. Basically, he used this film title to Ride Every Day in October. So I set about doing something similar for January, hence #REDJanuary.

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Starting 2019 On A Positive

Happy New Year folks, 2019 is finally here, not sure where 2018 went, but it’s January again. You know what that means? New Year, New Me! Pffft… no chance, yes it’s a New Year, but it’s still me, I’m still a fat man trying to lose some weight. So no huge changes around here I’m afraid.

On the plus side, I have been to get weighed this evening as per usual on a Wednesday. It was nice to be back into routine with the Slimming World Group, so the slate can be wiped clean and we start again in a new week. Last week I was away so didn’t get weighed. This means that the 7.5 lbs gain I have taken has been over two weeks. That’s not to bad, I was expecting worse after what I had consumed over Christmas.

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Thank You Anxiety

I’ve never really known what anxiety really was until recent times.  It can be a real bitch too.  When talking about anxiety in general, you will hear things like feeling on edge about something, feeling of restlessness in situations you don’t like and feeling irritable.

Tonight Matthew, I’m going to be… all of the above.

Let me quickly set the scene.  Tonight was Christmas Fair night at my daughters’ school.  The first Christmas fair of what would be many as she spends the first 6 years or so of her schooling life there.  School is a busy enough place when all the kids are there learning.  Now factor in all those kids being there with their parents and grandparents.  Imagine just how many people are now crammed into the school.

I believe this is the first time I’ve really felt uncomfortable with such a large number of people in such a confined space.  All 4 of us were there tonight; Me, the wife, our daughter, and our 10-month-old son in his pushchair.  A pushchair in the environment we were in was not the best call – both I and the wife will say that, but he’s too heavy to carry around without getting back issues.

Most of the time there the wife followed our daughter around doing the different games, buying the different cakes and arts ‘n’ crafts.  I tried to avoid the masses of people trying to get from A to B in the tiniest of spaces.  I generally hung to one side with the pushchair.

It was in the main hall (the most open part of the school) that I very nearly just took the pushchair and left.  I could feel myself fighting any emotions that were trying to come out, really not wanting to break down or anything in front of all these people that I don’t know.  I just wanted the ground to open up and swallow me there and then.

A couple of minutes later (or what felt like much longer) the wife returned with our daughter and we eventually left.  I held it together while we walked back to the car, while I drove a quick errand to pick something up and until we got home.  As soon as we got home I needed something to do, so I went straight to tidying up.

The wife at this point knew something was off.  Then something happened which has never happened while I’ve felt like this, I told her what was wrong… kind of.  We just had a moment together and I explained that I just don’t think I can deal with large crowds – especially in confined spaces.

Granted having the pushchair did not help because you can’t really maneuver is anywhere and it really doesn’t help when people look gone out when you ask “excuse me please”.  It’s sometimes like you’re an inconvenience to them stood in the way not doing anything, rather than it actually be them who are the inconvenience.

What I need now is something to keep my mind busy.  Thus me straight into the tidying at home and now writing about my ordeal to all you wonderful readers.  I’m now a lot calmer than I was earlier, so thank you for your time and for letting me ‘get this off my chest’ if you’ve got this far.