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It's like riding a bike (or so I thought)

Riding a bike, you never forget how. No matter how long it’s been since you last had a ride on a bicycle, you always remember from the off how to do it again. But there is one thing that is not like before, especially if you stop.

I’m not talking about balance or anything, I’m talking about fitness. I haven’t properly ridden my bike since July last year (6 months – I know, it’s bad). Even though I weigh less than I did then, I’m not as fit and I could tell last night.

My present this year of the wife and kids was a new Turbo Trainer. I sold my wheel-on Tacx Flow Smart Trainer and I got a direct-drive Wahoo Kickr Core.

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Bike Fit

Ever since I got my bike last year I have tweaked and tinkered with different things to try and get it to suit me better. Previously when out on the bike I’ve suffered with numbness in fingers, toes and the male region. Have I just been riding the bike wrong, or was it something needed to be tweaked?

The first thing to start from is the size of the bike. I look at the guidance from Boardman (I ride a Boardman ADV 8.8) and the size frame I have is ideally suited for someone my height. That’s the first thing checked.

Next I started researching the term Bike Fit after a friend of mine said I should have one to iron out any fit issues which maybe causing my discomforts. A lot of professional bike fit places are around £100+. I wasn’t willing to spend that much on something which wasn’t guaranteed to sort my problem.

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Getting Lost

Yesterday I felt really bad about myself. not because of any major, but because I had neglected something I like to do, cycling. 3 Months… Really?!?! was about how long I’d not been on my bike and how I felt about it. Last night though, I went out on the bike.

I could have easily just stayed indoors on the trainer, but no – I wanted to get out on the bike. I wanted to feel the breeze in my face, dance with cars (not literally) and go somewhere I’ve not been previously. Using the same routes can make it boring so it’s good to mix it up a bit.

As you can guess from the title of this post, it didn’t exactly go to plan. More than once I had to stop and get the phone out to look where I was and where I needed to be heading. I’ve not had to do this before because previously I’ve always plotted a route on Strava, uploaded it to Garmin Connect then synced it to my Garmin Edge 130.

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3 Months… Really?!?!

Three Months… that’s a quarter of a year. It’s Thirteen weeks, it’s Ninety One days, it’s Two Thousand One Hundred and Eighty Four hours. Three Months… it’s quite a long time.

In Three Months time, we will be Three weeks into January. Halloween will have passed, so will have Bonfire Night, Christmas and the New Year. There’s a lot that can be covered in Three Months.

Three Month’s is a long time to go without something. For me, I’ve been without something I really like. Something that let’s me clear my head. Something that makes me feel happier and more joyful. I’m not saying I’m not happy and not joyful. There are plenty of things that make me happy, but there has been one thing I’ve really been missing…

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Challenge 50: On Hold

The silence is deadly. Starring at my bike, wondering why. Why is it so quiet? It’s quiet because it’s motionless. It’s motionless because the engine is broken and a bicycle cannot do much without its human engine pushing it along.

I worked to complete a long bike ride more than a week ago (11 days in fact). This involved losing some weight (not as much as I had originally wanted) and it involved getting used to some longer rides, a couple of which I achieved.

But when it came closer to the time, my body stopped me, just like that. A little over a week before the planned ride I had tonsilitis. I’d never suffered with it at any time in my past previously and it was horrible. It started with a bit of a sore throat. That led me to think I was coming down with a spout of man-flu.

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