About Me

Overweight Dad Trying To Drop Some Lbs

I’m just a normal 30-something Dad and Husband who really needs to loose some weight.  Being overweight for most of my adult life has made me see there is more to life than just being fat.  Being a little slimmer, healthier and fitter will not only benefit me, but also my family.

I have a bike to exercise with (when time permits) and I have my very helpful and joyful Slimming World Group and Consultant.  Adding the two together should really help me achieve what I want, to be slim(mer) again.

You will find me rambling on about fighting with myself mentally over loosing weight as well as maybe the odd recipe I have come across and love.  My experiences on my bike will be shared (if there is something to share) any tips that help me stay on track will be posted too.

If you’re like me, constantly fighting against ones self to achieve something you really want than grab a cuppa (without the biscuit), take a seat and have a look through my thoughts and feelings as I spill them for like-minded people read.

The Slimming World Way

Slimming World will be mentioned from time to time on here.  It is my one place that has successfully got me to lose some timber (weight).  My current Slimming World journey is not my first, probably more like my 4th or 5th, but each time I have lost weight successfully.  The only difference is this time I have found a group and a consultant who I feel will get me to that target.

My blog by no means affiliates with Slimming World, nor do I say you have to join to lose weight, it’s just the only way I personally have been able to stick at something that makes me drop the pounds.

Fighting with myself taking on the war of being severely overweight with Slimming World and Cycling

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