Fat Man Slimming

Pedalling and eating my way to a slimmer me.

About Me

Who are you?

Name: Cory
Age: 30 something
Gender: Male
Weight: Blooming big!
Favourite Colour: Blue
Favourite Sport: F1
Favourite Meal: Pizza

Why Fat Man Slimming?

  1. I’m fat (no point beating around the bush)
  2. I’m a man
  3. I’m trying to slim

Why the blog?

Initially the blog was for me. Somewhere I could document my achievements and my fall backs. I thought that writing about my weight loss journey in the public domain might help keep me on track. It also allows me somewhere the vent and show the real side to dieting and trying to lose weight.

How’d you get here?

I’d like to say I’ve been fat my whole life. But the truth is, I’ve been fat since I got lazy. I was a skinny teenager until I passed my driving test at 17 years old and started driving everywhere. From there on the weight piled on. Hopefully I can fix that before it’s too late though.

What are you going wanting achieve from your journey?

Easy question that… to be fit and healthy. I don’t really have a target weight or anything in mind, just as long as I’m a lot slimmer than I am now and I’m healthy. Spending time with the kids is a big motivation of mine. I don’t want to be that dad at the park who is too big and too tired to run around with the little ones. I also don’t want them to end up the size of me either.

What’s with cycling?

Cycling is my chosen form of exercise. Hopefully by including exercise into any eating routine I will be able to shed weight a bit quicker and tone at the same time. Cycling also gives me some freedom within my own mind. Nothing beats a good ride through local country lanes after a hard day at work.