When it comes to balancing weight-loss diets and life, sometimes life needs to take priority. If you don’t let it, you will soon find yourself feeling down and stuck in a rut. This is where you then face the danger of undoing everything that has been achieved so far.

This last week took it’s hit on me starting my weight-loss journey again. Week 1 was amazing and I lost 10 lbs, but we were kid-free last week. If you don’t have kids, this is one of the best feelings ever considering we’ve been playing parent, friend and teacher, all while working during the pandemic. They went to the in-laws for a few days which gave me and the wife a little bit of a break.

We being kid-free and the British Governments “Eat out to help out” scheme, it was natural we’d be eating out at some point. Of the 5 evenings we didn’t have the kids we ate out for 3 of them. Oh, how we’ve missed going out without the stress of a 2 and 6-year-old adds.

I could have chosen better meals while we were eating out. But I also wanted to make the most of this time – it doesn’t happen very often at the best of times. I knew to expect some sort of gain this week, I knew it from the start of last week. But I also knew I needed to enjoy my meals out as well and not just eat some salad.

Monday Night – we went to a European restaurant called Tap Haus. There are a fair bit of German/Austrian meals on the menu at this place which mostly consisted of some sort of sausage. Sausage can be a danger on a diet – especially if not low-fat ones. So I opted for a Mixed Grill, believing the meat will all be grilled and not fried. The meal sucked, but I’ll not get into that here. What didn’t go to plan though was the 4 pints of lager, which happened because the restaurant sucked! So anything I attempted to save with my food choice was undone at the bar.

Tuesday Night – this was Indian night. I’m not one for trying Indian dishes, I always just stick to what I know I like, the Byriani. The food was alright, but the win for this evening was I steered clear of the Naan Bread. That stuff can be a killer on a diet and I LOVE bread. But, I didn’t feel I missed it so I put that down as Cory 1 – 0 Indian.

Thursday Night – outside of the Governments “Eat out to help out” scheme, our local Ego restaurant was offering 50% of the A La Carte menu for Ego members (which we are). The food and service here are always good and I went there knowing what I wanted before getting there – a nice cut of fillet steak. The steaks here are great so I wasn’t going to miss the opportunity for 50% off. The loss on this night though was the dessert, the Chocolate Brownie Sundae. But I was driving, so no multiple pints of lager.

After these nights, I knew I’d be in for a decent gain on the scales this week. Remember I don’t know what I weigh, I only know what I’ve lost/gained. I got weighed Monday morning as normal and to my surprise, I gain 1 lb. Just a single lb after the food and drink from that week, I’m taking that as a huge victory and a show of damage limitation at it’s best.

I can only attribute no major gain to only these meals being off-plan. Everything else I ate during the week was on plan and written in my diary. An old version of me would have likely written off the whole week and not stuck to plan any day, but this time I changed what I normally do.

Heres to next week being another loss!