I have been finding recent days hard. I already felt bad about myself for the last couple of weeks with the weight I’ve gained. But for some reason, yesterday, in particular, was hard.

At the moment, the wife and I are both following the Slimming World plan with our meals, but in essence, we’re calorie counting. It gives us a little freedom in that we can enjoy a treat at the weekend, without going over our calorie allowance. It’s something a little different and will hopefully allow us to find our mojo again.

Yesterday, though, was tough for me. Working from home at the moment and looking after our youngest was a tough challenge. He didn’t nap for long yesterday due to us having flooring fitted in the hallway. A tired 2-year-old and a tired daddy don’t mix well.

All I wanted to do yesterday was binge eating. I wanted something sweet, something savoury. Hell, I wanted anything I could have that would just allow me to stuff myself silly. Food is my comfort when I’m down or frustrated. Emotions play a massive part for a lot of people and their weight issues.

I was grumpy most of yesterday, the wife will confirm that if asked! But being grumpy doesn’t help anyone. If anything the kids pick on it and they’re grumpy back at me. This makes the day feel like a constant battle. My eldest is back at school Monday to Wednesday at the moment. Both the wife and I are classed as key workers, so she’s there while the wife is at work. I don’t think I’d cope at the moment with two kids and working from home.

By the end of the day though I didn’t just binge and write everything off. I kept some form of control and limited myself to four quality street sweets. They didn’t go into my calorie tracker, but I’m happier that I didn’t just go completely off the rails food-wise.

It’s little wins like this that spur me on. Today has been a better day and already I’m feeling more positive about staying on plan. I’m even thinking of getting on the bike this evening. I’ve plotted a route through some local lanes, so hopefully, there won’t be much traffic bothering me either.

But for now, I’ll eat my lunch, which my lovely wife prepped this morning (Salmon and Cream Cheese Bagels – nom nom!). I also need to have a think what to make for tea tonight – oh the choices!

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