If you’ve been dieting for a while, you’ve likely come across this breakfast delight at some point. Even if you’re not dieting you’ve probably had a go at this before. If you’ve never heard of this, then you’re missing out big time!

Being organised is a big part of successfully dieting and losing weight. It’s likely why I’ve not been so successful as yet. Life the last few months have been chaotic at best, never mind organised. But if organisation is your game, then you’ll be able to do this most days if you fancy. If you’re on the go early in the morning, then being organised and prepared will allow you to have this often.

This breakfast does not have to be made the night before. As long as you can let it soak for an hour or more it is just as good (though better overnight).

Enough of me blabbering on. Let’s get to the recipe for Overnight Oats.


40g Plain Oats
Muller Light Yoghurt
A mix of fruit (frozen works best overnight)

Optional: Chocolate shavings
Optional: Marshmellows
Optional: Biscuit crumbs
Obviously these optional items are really ‘slimming’ but they can be added if you want to play with different flavours.


In a bowl add the oats and the yoghurt. Mix them thoroughly so all the oats are even covered in the yoghurt.

Slice, chop or shred your fruit. Do whatever you like with it, serve how you fancy. Once that is prepared you can start to build.

Spoon some of the oat & yoghurt mixture into your container. I used the wife’s gin glasses as we’re at home at the moment and not travelling to work. Using the spoon, level it off so you can add a layer of fruit on top. Add a layer of fruit. Then ad another layer of oat yoghurt mix, then a layer of fruit. You get the idea. I try to make at least two layers of each (it can be more depending on your layer thickness and the size of your container).

Once nicely layered up, keep the container in the fridge. Making it the night before and using frozen fruit allows the fruit to thaw during the night, making the whole thing even tastier. The juices from the thawing fruits get time to mix in with the oats and yoghurt and just intensify it.

If you’re not an early breakfast person, this is ideal. You can take it to work in a plastic container with a spoon and enjoy it as a later breakfast.