Do you ever do something you love so much that you want to do it again? That feeling of either enjoying something or accomplishing a goal that makes you think “that was awesome”. I have that feeling right now.

Today marks over a week since I achieved something monumental for me. It’s something I’ve been planning for a little while. Something which I kind of planned to complete last year, only didn’t because of the weather that weekend.

This all started a few weeks back when I grabbed the route I was planning for my #Challenge50 last year. I didn’t just grab the route, I overhauled it. I was no longer looking at completing a 50-mile ride, but instead, I was looking at just over 62-miles!

Why 62-miles? That’s an odd number to aim for, isn’t it? Well, not if you convert it to kilometres. The number 62-miles translates to around 100-kilometres. The actual figure is 62.1371-miles. My fellow followers will know that 100-kilometres is something I have aimed for this year.

I had previously completed 100-kilometres on Zwift using the trainer, but as much as it was. 100-kilometres, I never felt it was a real 100-kilometres. I’m quicker in Zwift than in real life, largely due to no wind or friction resistance in the game. So to me, a real 100-kilometres had to be done.

Now due to the COVID-19 Pandemic, I needed to be largely self-sufficient here. I didn’t want to have to risk going into a shop for snacks/water etc. I didn’t want to go to a petrol station for much-needed sugar if I bonked. This meant preparation.

Plenty of both food and drink was needed. I’ll be honest, I went overkill on the food side, but I prefer to take too much than not enough. With me I had 2x Rice Cripsy Squares, 2x Grenade bar, 1x Lemon Curd Sandwich, 1x Pack Jelly Babies, 1x Homemade PB&J Flapjack, 2x Energy Gels (for an emergency – but not expected to be needed). Water-wise I had planned on 4 litres of water with the equivalent SIS Hydro Electrolyte tablets.

All that was packed up and in the fridge the night before. All my clothing was ready – it was going to be hot, so just a jersey and bib shorts, no jacket needed.

And I’m off!

I set off early morning and planned to meet to wife at about 40 miles to refill my water bottles. The ride itself, I loved it! I would do it again if Leicester wasn’t now in lockdown. It’s safe to say if we go to Leicester to see the in-laws again I will certainly consider riding again. As for my actual journey, you can see the little video I’ve created from my action camera. I hope to be capturing more of my rides to create some videos like this.

When I finally arrived at the end, I was knackered. I didn’t ache though, so that shows that having a bike fit last year was worth it. It also shows I didn’t push myself too hard, even with some of the climbs I encountered along the way. Slow and steady is what I aimed for so I didn’t burn out.

Weather-wise, it was nice when I set off. About 17 Degrees Celcius, but by the time I got to the end it was 28 Degrees Celcius – massively too hot to carry on. I wish I had left a little earlier, but I’ve never ridden in that heat before. We learn as we go along.

I’ll certainly be doing some more linger rides in the future – I’m even looking at a 100-miler next year. We will see. You can see my ride on Strava here.