Hi everyone. Fat Man Slimming here again. It’s been a while since my last blog post, sorry about that, but hopefully, it hasn’t been much of a problem.

I started a good number of weeks ago about how I was going to survive lockdown with the family. We’d started some good routines, especially with my daughter, but gradually as the weeks have gone on, it’s got harder and harder.

I’m at the point now where I’m mentally drained all the time. It’s not nice. The big thing I am finding difficult is the work thing. I’ve been lucky enough to work from home during this whole pandemic thing. I say lucky – it means I’ve not had any change in income. Working from home though, for this long, is horrid! I would prefer to be furloughed, but I am needed in my role.

If I were furloughed it would mean a little drop in income (the government are paying 80% wages of most on furlough). But most importantly I could just be spending time with the kids and paying them attention. My kids are young and they can’t fully understand why I can’t play with them all the time while I’m here. They see daddy not going to work right now so they’re in play mode often, it’s killing me not playing all the time.

The kids being with us 24/7 is also taking a toll on me and the wife together as parents. It’s lead to being organised to the whole “can’t be arsed” anymore attitude. We’ve both been up and down with our weight since lockdown started. We’ve had weeks where we’ve had a couple of takeaways for convenience. We’re just so tired at the end of every day it’s just not enjoyable.

So the diet has taken a bit of a hit, which is the main reason I’ve not been blogging. I can’t own a blog about losing weight, but go on about how I’m not losing it. I feel I’ve been lost not being here, so I’ll be making more of an effort to be here and stay here.

These coming weeks are going to be make or break for me. I’m only 4 lbs heavier than the lightest I’ve been for a long time. I seem to hit a mental barrier each time I get anywhere close to getting lighter than this figure. It’s like I get really excited I’m there, I continue to have a good week, but it’s always one of those weeks where the result doesn’t reflect the week I’ve had.

I need to break this duck, I need to get below that figure so I can continue to lower my weight. I don’t know why it happens, but it’s going to take full concentration from me this next week to do it. Both the wife and I are planning to be a little more adventurous with our meals. We’re going to try and mix it up a bit instead of just eating the same foods week in week out.

New recipes are in the pipeline for the blog, it’s just finding time to write them up at the moment. If you’re in need of some food inspiration, give me a follow in Instagram – I share the vast majority of my nice things on there.

You’ll. be hearing from me again soon, hopefully with a positive update.