Remember that song from way back in 1995? That summer one by a guy calling himself Shaggy? In the Summertime… well…

In the summertime when
The weather is high
You can stretch right up
And touch the sky
When the weather is fine
You’ve got salad
You’ve got salad
On your mind
I’m gonna drive and ride and
See now what I can find

Now I changed a couple of words – quite obvious which ones. But it fits well with this recipe. There is nothing better than sitting outside, in the blazing sunshine, enjoying a spot of light lunch. When it’s summer I will eat salad after salad. It’s healthy, low in calories and seems to suit the warmer weather.

Making a salad isn’t rocket science, but I still wanted to share this. The wife and I have made this a few times now and we will continue to make it. It has become a favourite of ours from the off.

I’m not going to list specific ingredients either (even though this is labelled as a recipe). Everyone makes their salads differently. But included in my salad was Baby Gem Lettuce, Baby Tomatoes, Cucumber, Sliced Pepper, Avocado, Buffalo Style Mozzarella and a Sweet Potato Burger.

The different concoctions of this meal are endless. You can add fruit, you can swap out the Sweet Potato Burger for a Beef Burger if you so wished. Add Onion, add Sweetcorn, add Cheddar Cheese instead of Mozzarella – you can literally do what you want with this.

All I ask is you enjoy it. Enjoy food that is good and healthy for you and enjoy the weather while it lasts. Bon appetite!