I’m still adapting to being at home constantly. So far the wife and I have done really well. We have had no big arguments or anything, we’re just supporting each other with some witty banter and a laugh. We’re not used to spending this much time together each day, but we have to do what we’re told for now.

Being at home, though, has had its advantages so far. Here in the UK the weather for the last couple of weeks has been fantastic. Brilliant sunshine most days and nice warm temperatures. It has made this lockdown thing a lot easier than it would have been with constant wind and rain. Being able to get outside, even if it’s just in the garden, has meant we’re able to get the kids out. It stops them getting bored, which make it easier to get along together as we’re together 24/7.

For me, the weather has meant being able to ditch the trainer and get outside on my bike. I’ve recently swapped my fat 38mm gravel tyres for a pair of slick 28mm, skinnier, versions. The idea behind this was to commute to work via my bike before the lockdown changed that plan. Still, it’s been good to bed them in a little.

This Easter weekend was strange. Not seeing family over Easter is unusual, but it meant more time between me, the wife and kids. Twice I got out on my bike, with my youngest on the back. He likes to wave at cars as they pass us. I’ve also noticed having him with me makes me feel a lot safer. Roads are quieter at the moment, but when he’s on the back on the bike, I don’t get any close passes. Take him and his seat away and it seems people don’t care again.

Together, me and my little man covered a little over 15 miles on two rides. Both times he had a little snooze for 10 minutes, but otherwise he enjoyed himself just as I did. Pulling him along with me makes some little hills around me a little more difficult. It also felt I was a lot slower overall compared to usual. But when I look back at the rides, I was only averaging, only 1mph slower than going solo. I’m not a quick rider, but it felt more than that. Anyway, it was nice to get him out with me.

The weekend passed and on Monday I decided I would go out first thing on Tuesday morning. It’s rare I get to go out early morning, but as I’m not commuting to work and back now I have some extra time. Tuesday morning was rather cold. The weather app on my phone said 2 degrees Celsius, but felt like -1.  I prepped my “winter” gear I’ve not worn as yet. This composed of a under helmet cap (that comes down over the ears), a neck warmer, crab hand gloves and overshoes. I bought all this last year but never got out when it was cold enough in winter, often opting to get on the trainer instead. But this week was a chance to test it out.

In my winter gear

When I set off, it was cold. I don’t feel cold often, but I felt freezing that morning. I knew once I had been going for a bit I’d soon warm up. After about 15 minutes, I was warm. Not warm enough to strip anything off, just warm enough to be comfortable. This told me what I wanted. The limited cycling gear I have is enough to withstand temperatures just above freezing (maybe even down to freezing). This stands good for when I will commute by bike.

It has been nice this last week to enjoy my bike as I have. Getting outside more has made me feel better about the entire world situation. It’s good to get out and blast away any negative or worrying thoughts for a bit. I look forward to plodding forward and using the bike more to lose more weight.

Stay Safe, Stay Home