Exercise advice during this lockdown period can change at a moment’s notice.  This week the UK Government has to decide on next steps for this lock down.  Extend it, loosen it, tighten it. No one knows what they will do.

For now, though, we can go out each day for our allowance of exercise. Whether that be walking, running, cycling – we can do it all as long as we keep a distance from others.  But I’m not here to tell you what you can or can’t do.  This post is about what you can do at home.  Maybe something here you never thought of before.

Turbo Trainer

If you’re like me, a cyclist, then it’s possible you might have a Turbo Trainer at home. If you have one, that’s brilliant, if you don’t and you want one then good luck! I read yesterday there is a shortage of turbo trainers in the UK – may be because of the lockdown people have been buying them.

For me personally, I have a smart trainer. This means it connects to my computer and my computer can tell it to increase/decrease resistance when needed. I use Zwift as a training program. It’s more of a game than a hardcore training app, but it keeps me emersed when I could just be looking at a wall. There are several apps out there for training with a turbo trainer, just Google it.

My Wahoo Kickr Core was a Christmas Present

Equally, if you’re a runner and can afford a treadmill, it could get some hammer.

But while we’re allowed to exercise outside, do so. Fresh air is good for us and being couped up at home all the time isn’t a great thing. You’re mental health could suffer if you don’t get out – that’s why it’s important the government keep allowing us to exercise outside.


I’ve never really taken a thought to Yoga.  I’m not flexible in any means and I’m overweight.  But my little girl does it sometimes at school (so she says) and there are loads of videos on Yoga on YouTube (FOR FREE!).  Yoga is about breathing with movements. When I hear Yoga I think of those people who can put their foot behind their head. But it’s not all that. Maybe I’ll give it a go one evening with the wife.
Yoga at home


Zumba is a lot more upbeat than Yoga. “I can’t dance” I hear you say.  Well, that’s not a problem in your own house, is it? I can’t sing, but it still happens in the shower sometimes. Load up YouTube and search for Zumba Workouts, and again IT’S FREE! Do the kids want to join in? They can, again on YouTube, search for Disney Zumba. There’s a plethora of videos of Zumba instructors doing workouts to Disney songs.
Zumba at home
Disney Zumba

Exercise DVD

A DVD? Are they still a thing these days? Apparently so, and there are a huge number of fitness DVDs out there (I think my wife might have one somewhere). From Davina McCall to Joe Wicks (the UKs P.E. teacher) there are DVDs you can order easily from places like Amazon.  In fact, I bet if you look hard enough there will be fitness videos on YouTube that are like these DVDs – did I mention it would be FREE?
Fitness at home

Climb a Mountain

Imagine being sat at home, wondering what achievement you can conquer at home during the lockdown. Well, one fellow blogger I follow has done exactly that. She is climbing Mount Snowdon at home. Using the stairs as her mountain, over several stairs she is challenging herself to climb a whopping 3560 feet – AT HOME! If you want to follow how she does, give her a follow over at https://tryingtolose.food.blog/

Immune System

You’re immune system can suffer if you push yourself too hard. I know from cycling that day after day of hard pushing will compromise my bodies’ ability to fight an infection. The current epidemic in the UK means this is not something you do not want to happen. Remember, if you go hard to recover. In the cycling world we will go for a hard ride, but then follow the next day with a recovery ride. This recovery ride is an easy ride at low power where I can still exercise, but I am allowing my body to recover sufficiently.


After all of this, please remember we are on lockdown. Don’t go out with people you don’t live with. Don’t drive your bike somewhere to do a ride, ride locally only. With people following the restrictions set out by the government, we can all exercise and beat this virus together.