With the current situation of the Coronavirus (COVID-19) around the world, the UK is slowly locking down bit by bit. Our schools closed this afternoon, not known to when they will re-open again. This means the work/life balance is in the balance now.

But I’m not here to talk about kids being off school, how half the country is technically out of work at the moment or things like that. I got the really bad news I kind of knew was coming this week.

As part of the “social distancing”, the UK Government is recommending at the moment (note: not enforcing as yet), British Cycling has sent the email regarding the Southwell Cycle Tour Sportive that I entered. To no surprise, it’s cancelled. Shame really as I was really looking forward to it.

But I can’t dwell on it. At the moment there is no option of a refund as they are working with local organisations to try and re-arrange it for later in the year. Hopefully, they do, I was looking forward to it and I’ll happily do it later in the year.

Failing that, I will have to look at different sportives that may be running later in the year. Hopefully, things will be back more or less to normality after Summer – I have my fingers crossed anyway.

Keep safe!