Being at home can be a real pain in the behind if you’re trying hard to diet. I don’t know about you, but if I’m at work all day, I find it a lot easier to stick to my diet. This is because I take a set amount of food with me and I make sure there is no way to purchase more. It’s easily controlled. But now being at home due to the Coronavirus (COVID-19) will make dieting hard for me.

Unfortunately a lot of us eat with our eyes. I don’t just mean something has to look good to eat it, I mean if someone has something you want it too. That could just be me, but I’m willing to bet it isn’t.

For me, I’ll be locking myself away in my office. That way the fridge can’t tempt me. Also, if the kids are enjoying a snack between meals, it isn’t going to make me feel I need one if I don’t see it.

But there is something I’ve noticed that doesn’t help when dieting and trying to lose weight. A lot of us bigger people enjoy bigger portion sizes. How do you think we got this way? Simple – by eating more. I, though, have made some sort of mad breakthrough here and I am well happy with myself for it!

Are you like me when preparing a meal? Do you like to have a good plate full? Well, I have found a way of making it look like we have a big plate full, but without using as much food. Less food = fewer calories at the end of the day. But to the eye, it seems you’re getting more. It’s strange because although you’re consuming less, you don’t feel it because your eyes are fooling you.

The easiest way I can show this is with some chips. Slicing the chips tonight for tea just made me click. Look at the images below…

How many potatoes did I use in each image? Did I use more in the image on the left? Nope. I didn’t use fewer either. Both of these piles of chips are from one potato – both almost exactly the same size as one another. Yet your eyes are saying “THERE’S MORE ON THE LEFT!”

This is what I mean by our eyes are fooling us. We can make ourselves feel we’re eating more when in actual fact we’re eating less… we just don’t SEE it that way. Using the pile on the left I’d be happy with that, whereas the pile on the right I’d be thinking I need more.

Still don’t believe me? Take cheese as another example. If you cut 40g of cheese into little 1cm x 1cm squares, you may not think you get that much. BUT, if you grate the cheese instead of dicing it, it looks loads more. Especially if you grate it on the finer grater, it looks huge! Now put that on your jacket spud.

Keep safe people and I’ll try to blog more, seeing as we’re all at home more at the moment.