2020 hasn’t been very nice to me and my family so far. We’re not even two full months in and I already hate the turn of the new decade.

A few weeks back, our hot water tank decided it didn’t like to hold water any more. This happened a night of some pretty awful rain. Our youngest kept waking up (which he never does). The first time I heard the water I put it down to the rain as that is exactly how it sounded.

Another 10 minutes later I was up again with our youngest and this time I thought “That’s not outside”. I slowly made my way downstairs thinking someone had left a tap on in the downstairs toilet. Nope. I opened the living room door and just shouted “ah shit”!

In front of me was water pouring through the light fixture in the ceiling. I went back upstairs and opened the airing-cupboard, as it is directly above the living room. Initially, I didn’t see anything, but it was constantly filling with water (can just hear it through the pipes). I then noticed the tiniest split in the bottom of the tank. At this point, I called my old man as other than turn off the main water supply to the house I didn’t know what to do.

Eventually, when both my parents turned up we checked all the water to the tank was off and we made some more small holes in the ceiling to help drain the water a bit quicker.

For us, this couldn’t have happened at a worse time as we had just started packing the kitchen up. The week before we had ordered a new kitchen – so this timing was just plain bad.

Things are now just about sorted. Carpets upstairs and down have been replaced. Plaster has been skimmed over and you wouldn’t know our hot water tank had given way to litres of water. But it won’t happen again now, the water tank that doesn’t like water has been removed. The boiler downstairs has now been replaced for a Combi – so no more storing water anywere – not in bulk anyway.

The new kitchen is just about done too, so we’re cooking again rather than easting processed stuff or takeaways. The diets can once again commence.

The only problem now is my study. I’ve not been able to get to my bike as it’s at the back of my study which was used to store everything from the living room/kitchen while everything was sorted. That will be this weekend’s job seeing as the weather looks to continue the current wet streak.

I also have a couple of recipes I need to share, so if you’re interested in a couple of new tea/dinner/evening meal delights, keep a lookout, I’ll be posting them this weekend.