Back in August 2019, I left my job. I left the company I’d worked at for 11 and a half years. It was a huge decision at the time, but I was fortunate to find another job before leaving my previous employer.

Since starting my new job in September 2019, I have incorporated exercise into my commute. Previously I drove from my drive at home to the work car park and back. Not really much room for exercise there.

With my new job being in Nottingham, my employer has to pay a parking levy for each space in the car park. This means a heavily over-utilised car park. I always see an email go out to all Nottingham staff asking for cars to be moved to let others out.

I can’t be dealing with having to get X, Y or Z to move their car before I can leave. It is because of this attitude I use public transport and my legs. I don’t drive to work as I did with my previous employer. I now drive to a tram stop (park and ride). I use the tram to get close to work, but the tram drop-off isn’t even outside work.

After getting off the tram, I have to walk about 0.6 miles to work. I know 0.6 miles isn’t a great deal, but it’s 0.6 miles which are all uphill. That short walk gets me to climb 116ft in that short time. It’s not an outrageous climb, but it’s enough for me.

Eleation on my walk to work

By the time I get the office, I’m red hot from the climb up. The temperature can be 5 Celius outside, but I’m still warm enough in a t-shirt and a light jacket by the time I get to work. It certainly gets my heart pumping for a bit.

This change in life for me has started to work out for the better. Don’t get me wrong, I really miss my friends at my previous job, but the walk to and from work/the tram is having a positive effect on me.

At first, the walk up to work was horrid. I didn’t look forward to it, but as my heart rate climb each morning I started to tell myself “this is good”. Anything that gets the heart pumping harder is a good thing and doing it day in day out has its benefits.

With my 0.6 miles to work and 0.4 miles back (tram going home is closer), makes it a mile a day I am walking – that’s without having the schedule in time for working out etc, it’s just part of my new routine.

Wha I’m trying to show you is every day you do exercise. You don’t have to pay £40+ a month for a gym membership. Just start by parking a mile away from work, then [ark further and further away over time. Replace driving with walking/cycling.

I’m hoping my walking now is going to make it easier going forward. I’m hoping the walking to work along with some cycling training through the next few months are going to get me in shape enough to cycle to the tram stop. Cycle 8 miles, walk half then do it coming back. Not only will this make me fitter and fitter, but it will also save on fuel for the car. That’s more pennies in my pocket!