2019 has disappeared in the past, 2020 is here and a new decade has arrived. Why is a new decade different to a new year? It’s not, it’s just another year, within a 10-year block.

Looking on social media it would seem that the start of a new decade is completely different from a new year. I keep seeing people saying things like “I’m doing it this year, especially now it’s a new decade”.

Is the fact it’s a new decade going to make you achieve what you haven’t in the past year(s) or decade? No, it’s not. There is only one thing that can make you achieve something… that is YOU!

Regardless of the year or decade, if you choose to do something and follow it through, it’s not because 2020 is a new decade. It’s because you did it.

I’m continuing my goal of losing my flab through this year. Not because it’s a new decade, but it’s because it’s what I’m going to achieve. I’m going to lose the weight, the year 2020 isn’t going to do it for me.

In my previous post, Wrapping Up 2019, I set out three goals for this year; Get to my “target” weight, Enter a Sportive and Complete my First 100km Ride. I don’t think these are too difficult to achieve;

  • I need to lose another 3 stone to my “target” weight
  • Sportives run from 30+ miles to 100+ distances thus there is a ride for everyone
  • 100km is a tad over 60 miles, that can be done in a few months with some training

There is one more goal which I am adding to my list, one which I’m not going to focus on or worry about. That is to cycle 2020 miles this year. 2020 miles is a lot but spread over the course of the year it can be achieved;

2020 miles = 5.52 miles per day (366 days in this year’s leap year)
2020 miles = 38.85 miles a week (53 weeks in a year)
2020 miles = 168.33 miles per month (12 month’s a year)

This means I only have to average 38.85 miles a week, spread that over 3 rides a week and we have a target of 12.95 miles a ride. That is easily achievable, providing I can make 3 rides a week – but then I only have myself to stop me.

I’m already behind for the year total, we’re into Week 2 of the year and I’ve not completed any miles. This changes from tonight.

As I said, I’m not focusing on to 2020 goal, or even thinking about it through the year, I’m just going to ride how/when/where I want and we’ll just have to see what it totals for the year. In comparison, I completed 465 miles in 2019, so I need to complete 4.34 times the amount of last year.

This year is a year of change. NO, I’m not saying it. I’m achieving it, 2020 is not achieving it for me!