In another 30 hours or so time, it will be 2020 here in the UK. Where did 2019 go exactly?

For me, 2019 was a year of what could have been. I had so many targets, most of which I failed to achieve.

Weightloss (2019 Recap)

I set out this year to lose as much as I could, I wanted around 5 stone a the start of the year, this would have gotten me to my “target” weight.

I started the year well. I was getting into the grove with Slimming World and weight was coming off at around 1 and a half pounds per week. Then came summer and the BBQ weather. You can do a BBQ on Slimming World, but let’s face it – it isn’t a Carlsberg BBQ (if you remember the adverts).

I moved to a new Slimming World during the year. The one I had been attending from 2018 started to feel clicky and the consultant certainly had a favourite few. That isn’t for me, you either treat everyone the same in group or stop being a consultant.

The new group at first felt strange, I had been at my previous group for over a year. But I settled in with the wife and my mum. The number of people who stayed for group though wasn’t huge and the consultant was very repetitive. She also didn’t vary her ideas/advice much. If someone was struggling she wouldn’t offer how she could help, but more what are we going to do? Sorry, but if your mojo isn’t into it, you need encouragement, not questions.

So safe to say I’ve fallen out with Slimming World. Not because of the plan, the plan works, but I can’t justify spending £4.95 a week to sit with consultants who either don’t seem to care about you as an individual or can’t help.

Since the end of September, I’ve not been to a Slimming World group and I’ve not been weighed. My heart in losing weight had diminished for a time. These last few weeks have hit home though, just how much I want (or rather need) to lose weight. I have some pretty big targets for next year, which losing weight will only help.

So feeling good at the moment I am planning on a calorie-controlled diet heading into 2020. I will be eating healthy meals with healthy snacks. I’ll be reigning in the caffeine intake and drinking more water. I’m going to need to hydrate well, something which I am a pain at doing usually.

Cycling (oh the fails)

My choice of exercise, my time of clearing my head. Cycling has been a good friend over the last year, even if I haven’t done as much as I wanted (not even close).

I rode 465 miles this year (nowhere what I targetted again), but it’s a lot more than what could have been still. I didn’t start, nevermind not complete the 50-mile ride I planned, that itself was down to weather at the time.

2019 in summary

The start of the year was good though. I attempted the RED January challenge (Ride Every Day). I managed 29 out of the 31 days, with trips to A&E at the hospital being the main cause for failing this challenge.

I enjoyed some nice rides out this summer too, with my first ever 20+ mile ride coming in on June 9th. That ride, in particular, was great, it was challenging and it was rewarding. I aim for more of that in 2020.

Winter miles are going to be fun going into the new year too. Santa brought me a very special present and brought me an upgraded trainer. I previously had a Tacx Flow Smart trainer, a wheel-on trainer which connected to my PC and allowed me to connect to the immersive world of Zwift.

Here I can train no matter how cold or wet the weather is. No matter how dark it in, the wife won’t be worrying while I am riding through Watopia or London or where ever else Zwift takes us.

Now though, I have a direct-drive trainer. A trainer where the bike wheel is not needed, the bike attaches directly to the trainer. This provides greater resistance (not that I need that), road feel (some vibration as if on the road) and is an awful lot quieter thanks to a rubber belt (this is what I need).

Being directly under my daughter’s bedroom when training on the trainer, I need something quiet. The Wahoo Kickr Core trainer I now have runs the same flywheel and belt system as the bigger Wahoo Kickr. This means is runs almost silently with the loudest noises now being the components on my bike.

Goals for 2020

Next year I want to achieve some abitious goals;

  • Get to my “target” weight
  • Enter my first Sportive
  • Complete my first 100km ride

Happy New Year folks!