Three Months… that’s a quarter of a year. It’s Thirteen weeks, it’s Ninety One days, it’s Two Thousand One Hundred and Eighty Four hours. Three Months… it’s quite a long time.

In Three Months time, we will be Three weeks into January. Halloween will have passed, so will have Bonfire Night, Christmas and the New Year. There’s a lot that can be covered in Three Months.

Three Month’s is a long time to go without something. For me, I’ve been without something I really like. Something that let’s me clear my head. Something that makes me feel happier and more joyful. I’m not saying I’m not happy and not joyful. There are plenty of things that make me happy, but there has been one thing I’ve really been missing…

I look back on Strava and I see my last activity on my bike was on the Twenty Second of July. That’s Ninety Two days ago! That’s Thirteen weeks ago! That’s THREE MONTHS AGO! Even then it was on the trainer, that last time I was outside riding my bike was the Sixth if July – that’s even worse!

How on earth have I let myself not be on my bike for that long? That’s before I was meant to attempt my Challenge 50 bike ride – that Fifty Miler that didn’t happen that day because of the stupidly high winds.

I knew I hadn’t been on the bike for a fair while, but when I checked back on it today it shocked me. I feel disgusted that I’ve not done something I like for so long. I’m actually upset by it.

I know I started with some lower back pain around the start of August, diagnosed as Sciatica, but I should still have been on my bike. I can’t even think of an excuse good enough to use that warrants not riding for Three Months, other than I’m lazy.

I’ve become a couch potato again. Not something I want to be. I’ve missed out on some pretty good riding days too, we had a couple of weeks of decent weather through August and I didn’t ride any of it.

So guess what I’m doing this evening…