Weight loss is a journey of massive proportions. It can be a great and rewarding feeling when you have done well. It can also be your worst nightmare when you haven’t done well.

I set my mind back to Monday night last week. I hadn’t done anything special diet-wise, I just stuck to what I knew what free or low in syns on Slimming World. I wasn’t overly optimistic for the weigh-in, but I wasn’t expecting anything to swing the other way either.

I was buzzing after I got weighed that night. The scales showed I had lost 3.5lbs that week. I’ve not had a loss like that for a while now it felt good to be heading in the right direction once again. Not only had I had a decent win on the scales, but I was also awarded the Slimmer of the Week award. Something I haven’t been awarded for a long, long time. That felt even better.

Slimmer of the Week!

It gave me a well-needed boost too. I was happy something was going right with my weight and I wanted to continue it. I set my sights on having another good week and keeping mentally positive. Feeling positive naturally leads to good weeks with me, just like feeling down can lead to really bad ones.

I hate setting a mini-target each week. I often find myself putting more and more pressure on myself to make sure I get it, then it almost always goes bad and I go the wrong way the following week. I do sometimes still set them, but often a loss is a win for me – no over thinking about it.

This last week has been good. My wife has started to find her mojo too and we’ve eaten a good variety of different meals, all on the plan. It’s been a good length of time since we last varied our meals so much and tried to plan.

We’ve had Gammon ‘n’ Messy Chips, Burger ‘n’ Chips and Herby Lemon Chicken with Roast Potatoes and Veg. The Messy Chips were out of this world, especially with the Gammon. They tasted so good they felt naughty and off the plan, but they weren’t. I’ll be posting a quick recipe for them later this week – again something else I’ve not done for a while.

Even lunches haven’t been bad. Since starting my new job at the start of September, it’s been a bit of a blessing in disguise. Previously where I worked there was a Costa, McDonalds, KFC, Spar Shop, Chip Shop and a Harvester pub all within a couple of minutes walk. Now where I work there is nothing and I mean nothing. The business estate is full of garages and factories, but not a food joint around.

There is a pub 5/10 minutes walk away. Some of us went on Friday. But I remained good. I knew I still wanted a good week this week, so I had a Diet Coke – not a pint of ale that I’d normally have. Some of the others also had food – the loaded chips there look and smell amazing, but I said no and waited to get back to the office for my wrap.

All this positivity through the week, it had me beaming for this weeks weigh-in. I was heading to group thinking I have a chance at Slimmer of the Week again, I’ve had a good week.

I paid my fees, handed my card over to the lady behind the tablet and stepped on the scales when they beeped. It took a moment for me to work out, but then it sunk in. The numbers on the scales, they weren’t showing 1lbs off, 2lbs off or even 3lbs off. They showed the same as they did last week. I initially thought to myself I’d gotten last weeks weight wrong, but no. The lady behind the tablet graciously informed me I had maintained this week.

But how? How did I not lose this week? I was feeling so good about myself. How can this happen? It wasn’t until my wife pointed out to me I haven’t exactly been counting syns. When I thought about it, she was on the money with that one. I can’t tell you how many syns I’d eaten each day last week.

I hadn’t been eating rubbish, junk food. I had been eating good healthy food. But that good healthy food still had some syn values. Now I get 35 syns a day to use on Slimming World. A day I thought was alright, actually turned out to be more than my daily allowance of syns.

In that one day, I had Weetabix for breakfast (Healthy B choice), I had 2 60g brown rolls for lunch (12 syns), another 60g brown roll for tea (another 6 syns). That was 18 syns before I even started taking into account snacks etc. Those 18 syns just crept up without me even realising.

This week though, I will be writing down what I am eating, I will be counting everything that I consume. Just like a newbie doing Slimming World for their first week. I have set myself a target of 5lbs this week, to tip me down into the next stone bracket, but I won’t be thinking of that aim this week. I will be concentrating on each day as it goes – one day at a time. That way I can keep on track and, hopefully, not put myself under too much pressure for a good result.