Why is it so hard? This is something I ask myself every single day. Loosing weight is not easy. It’s largely mind over matter. At the moment, my mind is not helping me. But why is it so hard actually?

Why is it so hard? This is something I ask myself every single day. Losing weight is not easy. It’s largely a case of mind over matter. At the moment, my mind is not winning. But why is it so hard actually?

For most people, gaining weight is a whole lot easier than losing weight. It certainly is for me, I only need to sniff at a takeaway and I’m being asked just how much do I want adding to me. But is there something basic to this? I think so.

As we know, I was told I am at high risk of Diabetes Type 2 – you can read about that here. I’ve been thinking about that more and more recently. Type 2 isn’t where you have to inject insulin, it’s more about your muscles not using the energy (calories) that the insulin is trying to give them, so the insulin puts that energy into fatty stores. I’m no doctor, but this is my basic understanding of it.

Insulin is a hormone in our bodies. It produced by our Pancreas and its main responsibility is to manage our blood sugar levels. That’s a pretty big responsibility if you ask me, but it needs help to do its job effectively. You can’t just throw a load of sugar at it and tell it to do its thing, you have to get your body to use it.

I think of it this way. Why are we hungry? We’re hungry because our body needs energy. We provide our body with energy largely by eating food. Once the food is in our body, the body starts to break it down. – in steps the insulin along with all sorts of other hormones and stuff.

Now if we’re pretty active with our lifestyle, our muscles will take what the insulin provides from our food – energy. Our muscles will then use the energy and we’re on our way to either losing weight or maintaining a good weight. But what happens if we’re not overly active?

What happens if we drive to work each day, sit behind a desk for 7+ hours, drive home then spend most evenings on the sofa? In this case, our muscles take the energy that’s being provided, but it’s not being completely used, so it stores it as fat within the muscle. This fat in the muscle then starts to prevent the insulin from providing the muscles with energy so the insulin dumps that energy in fat stores.

Think of it this way; our muscles are made up of doors and our insulin is the key to the doors. The fat in our muscle then clogs the keyholes in the doors, so our muscles take on less and less energy over time.

As the muscles haven’t received the energy they wanted, we soon start to feel hungry again and the whole process continues relentlessly. This is one horrid circle of weight gain and one that is not easy to get out of. But it can be done. It also doesn’t help that if you are trying wanting to lose weight, but it’s not happening, you’re mind starts working aginst you. Mentally it gets harder.

Dieting alone will get us so far, but it won’t get us all the way. We need to be active to make sure our bodies are using the energy effectively. For those of us who are not very active and are overweight, being active can be as simple as walking for 20 minutes a day.

For me, I need to get back on my bike again. I’ve spent the last few weeks avoiding it due to my back. But my back is getting better now, it’s no longer hurting all day as it was, so my excuse to keep off the bike is now gone.