The uncertainty, the feeling of not knowing what the expect. Change can sometimes be a good thing, sometimes not. Hopefully, the changes I am going through at the moment are going to be good.

Last week was very emotional for both me and the wife. Around 11 and a half years ago, I started at a company that had just been bought by BT (British Telecom). Back in March 2008, I started out as a First Line Support Engineer in what was my second IT job since leaving full-time education. Over the years I went from First Line Support to Second Line and then Third Line. I also chucked in a stint at management during that time which I really did not like.

But I didn’t only just progress my career there. A lot changed for me personally too. When I started there I had a girlfriend who I had been with since the end of school. We were growing apart and we broke up. When that happened I had my best of friends around me (they know who they are if they read this) and I also had the woman who is now my wife.

I met my wife at work. People often asked, “How do you work together and live together”? Well, the answer for us was “It’s all we’ve known”. That, after almost 8 and a half years is now changing.

We both left BT last week, I’m seeking new adventures and wifey is going to stop at home and look after the little ones. We looked at her having another part-time job, but everything she earned would then be going straight into childcare – so it didn’t make financial sense.

What I find the strangest about working where I am now is wifey will never be here. For the first time in over 8 years, I won’t be spending lunch breaks her, going for coffee with her, or even enjoying the ride to work with her. I find it scary and lonely, but it’s something I will adapt and get used to – I have to.

On the other hand, we’re both back to attending our Slimming World Group together again. We went back last night after a few weeks off plan with the kids and adjusting to the new routines. But now we need to be back on it. We need our mojo back and that has only e