I keep thinking to myself it’s coming soon. It’s going to be here quicker than I realise. I mean it seems not long ago since it was Christmas and New Year. So a couple of months (well less than now) is going to come rather quick.

By now I had planned to have seriously added some miles on Boardy (the nickname I’ve given my Boardman ADV – original I know). But for one reason or another I haven’t done it. I have added a few miles on the trainer and Zwift. Being on call the last two weeks has really tied me to home.

As of this evening though I’m no longer on call (until next weekend for a few hours), so I really hoped to get back out on 2-wheels this weekend. If you’re not European, you may not have heard that this weekend is going to be hot. Hot to the point that France has recorded their highest recorded temperature today.

Tomorrow is going to be a scortcher – high temperatures in the high 20’s – that unheard of in England really. This weekend is also my daughters 5th birthday. So birthday celebrations are happening and we’re out all day tomorrow on a day trip. I’m thinking to myself right now can get out early tomorrow when it’s still rather cool and get some miles in. But we won’t know what happens until tomorrow. I often have the best intentions but rarely follow them through.

Now the other week I gave the bike good clean – it needed it after some rides up the local trails. I’ve also been an bought some lubricant for the chain and moving parts around the chain. hen I cleaned it the chain was filthy – that’s putting it politely. It was blacker than black, but now my sponge is black and not yellow.

Obviously since I cleaned it and having no lube, it’s only gone on the trainer with my separate training wheel for a few miles. I used some WD40 to keep it going until some lube was bought – those of you who are real cyclists and know how to look after your bike, you can shoot me if you like – but I had to wait until today to get a chance to get to Nix Cycles to get some lubricant.

So, lubricant now on the chain and cassette and other pieces, it is ready to get going out doors again. I love riding the bike out on the roads and trails – but it’s always a pain getting ready to go – but I guess the more I do it, the more efficient I will become – just a matter of keeping going.

As for this weekend, I certainly will not be out on the bike during the heat of the day. While it’s hot I will be chilling somewhere in the shade (did I mention I don’t like hot weather?)

If you’re going t be enjoying the sun this weekend (seriously you should – Vitamin D is good for you) remember to keep safe with sun cream (yes you need it in the UK from time to time) and keep hydrated. I can’t stress how important it is to replace lost fluids when it is this warm. Keep safe people.