I have good news for a change. I say for a change, it’s been a while since I raved about losing weight. You have to go back to April 18th when I last blogged about losing weight. Yeah, that’s how bad I’ve been sucking at this weight loss gig.

But I say I have good news. This week I didn’t gain. Don’t get me wrong, I haven’t lost every gained in recent weeks. But I have to look back to March when I was last at Slimming World to get something like I got this week.

I have no tricks to a good week, other than being good. My #Challenge50 is approaching closer and closer each day and if I’m honest, I’m kind of excited and scared about the prospect of riding such a distance – unaided.

I need to lose as much weight as I can between now and then, with then being 8 and a bit weeks (60 days from today to be exact). This is 8 weeks of full throttle pound shedding. There are different ways to do this in order to achieve the best results, but I need to go back to what I now know works best for me.

A couple of weeks ago I added a post where I wasn’t feeling the love for WW (Weight Watchers). After speaking to someone from there about my concerns and they basically dismissing them, I chose to no longer follow their plan. It wasn’t working and there seemed a lack of support to go with it.

Roll forward from a couple of weeks ago to Monday last week and I did what I said I wasn’t going to do. I ditch the WW plan and went back to where I came from – Slimming World. Let’s face it, it was working, it’s just that wifey and I felt stuck in a rut with the group we were attending. But that isn’t a problem now as I’ve joined a different group with a new consultant.

This last week we’ve been cooking some really delicious foods. Food which will be becoming meals we will definitely be cooking again. If you follow me on Instagram (should that be your flavour) you will have seen some of the amazing tasting things we’ve been whipping up. This last week has felt great from a cooking perspective, both wifey and I have really enjoyed it and we both feel we’ve found our mojo again.

So Monday last week to this Monday just gone I was on plan, foot to the floor at speed. 100% on plan and feeling great. The only catch this week, I’d have to face weigh-in and a new group solo. Wifey will be attending another group on another night (due to mini-me and mini-wifey ). But I wasn’t going to let that disrupt what I felt was one of the best weeks I’ve had on the plan. So I went and even stayed for the group after getting weighed.

The reaction from the lady on the weigh scales was brilliant, she had to look twice. I had to look twice at the reading too. Before joining the week before, I had gained 11 lbs since ending it with Slimming World in March. I was determined to get at least half of that gone this week. Well… I bettered that!

This week I lost 6 and a half lbs… 6 AND A HALF!!!!! This is what it feels like to be back on a plan that works for me. Don’t get me wrong, Slimming World doesn’t work for everyone, but after trying WW, I will be sticking to what I know.

I had forgotten what this felt like, what it felt to feel like I’m doing something right. I am once again heading in the right direction after weeks of some loses and some gains. Don’t get me wrong, this is still only the start of the relationship with Slimming World again. Hopefully this time it will stay and I will finally get to a target weight I am happy with. My target over the next 8 weeks is to lose 19 lbs – that’s a little over 2lbs a week. This should be easily achievable and maintainable. But only the next few weeks will tell.