Most people will agree with me when I say that Breakfast is the most important meal of the day. It’s the first thing you eat each day (most of the time anyway) and it breaks the fasting period your body has had during your sleep – hence breakfast.

A lot of people skip breakfast due to not having time to make something. Especially when you’re trying to be healthy and not have any prepacked food. Preparing good healthy meals can be time consuming.

But what if there was something that only takes 20-25 minutes? Or even better, can be made the evening before? Could this solve the old age issue of “I don’t have time to make anything”? Oh yes, it could.

The Savoury Breakfast Muffin can also incorporate any flavour you like. It can be tailored for vegetarians or meat eaters. It can be suited for just about any diet (as long as you can have eggs). It’s versatile, light and tasty.

The main ingredient is the egg. This is used regardless of what other bits you add to the flavour. If you can’t tolerate eggs, I’m sorry, I might as well save you from reading on now. It’s the egg that binds everything together and keeps this Muffin light and fluffy.

What can you throw into them? Well, if you like your meat you can add Bacon, Ham or Sausage. If you prefer no meat, go with Mushrooms, Onion, Cheese, Peppers or even Chives. Anything that floats your boat as an omelette will make these things tasty.

But how are they made? Well, that part is probably easier than choosing what to put in them. You mix a couple of eggs with your fillings in a bowl/jug then bake. It’s as easy as that.

Once you’ve given the mixture a good mix you need to empty it into either a Muffin tray. If you use a metal Muffin tray, I suggest you spray it with your favourite low-calorie cooking spray or brush in a tiny bit of oil if needed. This way the egg mixture will not stick as easily.

Personally, wifey and I use some silicon Muffin cups. We put these cups into the metal Muffin tray and then add the mixture into these cups. These are great as no cooking spray or oil is required, the silicon cups just peel away from the Muffins after they’re cooked.

Cook them in an oven at 180 degrees Celcius for around 20 minutes. If you’re not sure if they’re cooked enough, get a metal skewer or fork and poke through them. If they’re cooked nothing should stick to the skewer/fork.

Once cooked, you can allow them to cool and put them in an airtight container and into the fridge if you’re cooking for tomorrow. But if you’re wanting them now you can just grab a fork, add some sauce (if you’re a saucy type of person) and enjoy. There’s nothing stopping you from eating with some beans or chopped tomatoes either.

If you are planning on saving for the following day, you don’t have to eat them cold (although I sometimes do due to time). They can be warmed in a microwave, just don’t put them in for too long otherwise you start cooking the egg again. I’ve only ever warmed for about 45 seconds in the microwave.