I’m nearly two weeks into Challenge 50 now. Have I lost weight – no, have I covered some decent miles on the bike – not as much as I would have liked.

The weight thing has been a problem in recent weeks. My previous post, 1 Step Forward, 2 Steps Backwards, I explained how I was actually heavier at that point than I was when I started the change to WW. I have a membership with WW until September and there is no way of cancelling it early, though they have given me a free month due to my struggles.

I have enjoyed cooking again though. Every now and then I go through a period of wanting to cook, instead of just letting the wife sort dinner. One of the nicest meals I’ve cooked lately I had to blog about, the Chilli & Paprika Chicken Kebab with Pesto Pasta was just awesome! So much flavour in one dish and very filling. The picture of this even got a fair few likes on Instagram too.

Chilli & Paprika Chicken Kebab with Pesto Pasta

Bike wise I haven’t been out anywhere near as much as I had aimed for. I started off wanting to aim for a couple of rides in the week with a decent ride at the weekend. That has evolved into two decent rides and a family trip out to Clumber Park.

I really enjoyed the couple of decent rides I had made though. The first the same day as announcing #Challenge50 and the other was this weekend just gone.

The first ride was a ride out to the Silverhill Wood miner. This is on the site of the former Teversal and Silverhill collieries. That means it one of the higher parts of my local area. The ride included attempting the Silverhill Cauberg (Strava segment). This little section is a 114ft climb over 0.23 miles with an average gradient of 9%. It might not seem a lot, but I had to give in part way up and walk. I’m aiming to tackle it again in a couple of weeks to see if I can manage all the way up without walking.

Me with the miner

The second decent ride was a good 13 miler around local roads. the first half of the ride was actually the first part of the 50 mile ride I will be completing in a number of weeks. It was good to get a lay of the roads around the area as I now know one of the roads is a steady incline for a good 0.7 miles.

At the time it felt horrible as I was heading straight into a head wind, but I got some help. I couple of other cyclist were cruising up behind me and asked if I wanted to stick behind them until the junction where it flattens out. I wasn’t going to say no to a bit of blocking form the wind – I was very grateful. I didn’t get to thank them though as when we got to the junction they carried on right whereas I was going left. But thank you chaps!

I then finished off the weekend with a family trip out to Clumber Park. This place is great for cycling. Part of the Nation Cycle Route runs through it as well as plenty of other cycle trails. But the best part is the cycle hire there. I already have my bike and a baby seat for our youngest. Our eldest has a bike way too small for her (new one coming end of this month for her birthday) and my wife doesn’t have one (for now). So wifey hired a bike with a tag bike for our eldest.

We had two hours of nice easy riding through the woodland areas of Clumber and we thoroughly enjoyed it, enough so that wifey wants her own bike (yay!)

Unfortunately I left my handy pal Garmin in the car, so it didn’t track the easy ride, but looking back on google maps we covered a good 9 miles. Not bad considering wifey isn’t used to cycling and she was towing our daughter behind her.

Moving forward I’m going to be looking to get out more and more. I’ve 67 days left until the big ride (if my maths is correct). At 3 rides a week that leave me with in theory 22 rides. Should still be easily do-able.

If you’re on Instagram, you can find me there, sharing pictures of some of the really nice things we’re eating at the moment and most of my rides are added there too. I’ve never really seen the hype around Instagram, but it seems to keep me motivated at the moment so I’ll stick with it for now. Be sure to add fatmanslimming18 to your following.