8-weeks ago I took the plunge to try something new. Something to try and spur my weight loss into the right direction. I signed up for a 6-month membership plan and I’m now 2-months into said plan. But what do I have to show for it?

I’ve not really kept in my mind what I weighed when I started this plan. It’s not something I particularly wanted floating around adding pressure to me mentally. That, I don’t think has worked. Before I always remembered what my weight was previously. Yes trying to lose a set target added unneeded pressure to me, but I knew where I was on my journey.

I’ve just looked back at the WW app and my weight journey in particular. To say I’m disappointed is an understatement. Yes, I’ve just about lost the holiday weight for our trip to Gran Canaria. But overall I am 2.5 lbs heavier than when I started the plan.

That’s a whole 8-weeks in and I am no where. This is gutting. This is a horrible feeling. I know I’ve not tracked some thing on the app for my points, but I don’t think I warrant losing nothing so far, not after losing my holiday gain.

Unfortunately I am an online only member, which means no weekly meetings like I had with Slimming World. This is a big change for me as I have always attended a weekly meeting when losing weight. Maybe this goes to show that these meetings do something other than give us a couple of hours away from the kids.

I’m not giving up on weight watchers just yet. I need to be honest with myself and wipe the slate clean. I need to make sure everything, and I mean everything, is tracked in the app.

I get 48 points to use per day. I believe this is a lot and I have, up to now, been eating at the end of the day to make up my points. You see, if you finish the day within 10 point under your allowance or within 5 points over, you get a little blue circle on said day on the calendar. From what I can gather it is there to give a little pat on your back for keeping to your allowance. I find this has made it a target for me, something I perhaps shouldn’t be targeting.

As well as the daily allowance of points, I also get another 46 points per week known as weeklies. These points are there to use if you go over your daily allowance, but keep it under control. I often haven’t used these points, but again they are something I don’t need to be worrying about right now.

I need to change my approach to this plan. I need to fill up on point-free foods such as Salad, Veg, Fruit etc. The same things I filled up on with Slimming World. This has been one of the biggest changes in the plans, I have been snacking on point filled foods to make up my allowance. I need to go back to eating healthy and looking at the long game again.

Aiming to complete a 50-mile bike ride in August has my mind set on losing a couple of stone before then, that’s 28 lbs in 10 weeks. 3 lbs a week should be achievable with someone my size. I just have to make sure my head is in the game 100%. There is only me who can do this.

Hopefully next time I write a post in My Weight Loss Notes I will be back on track and losing again. TTFN.