I hate time. Time is not a friend. There is never enough time to do everything. But time is something I need to make. It’s also time to aim for something different.

For year I have been aiming to get myself down to a reasonable weight. For years I have miserably sucked at achieving said aim. Time and time again I tell myself “this time is different, this time I will do it”. I have a good few months, then BOOM! Back to square one again.

Back in my post “It’s Been A While…” I said that I had joined Weight Watchers after leaving Slimming World. Although I’ve not lost a stone that I would expect within the first few weeks with Slimming World, I am enjoying it.

For one, their app is 100% better than Slimming Worlds. It has a handy barcode scanner and you earn Activity Points. I’m enjoying it, seeing little rewards electronically for little things like tracking my meals/food daily.

But I need something more, something that will really shift my back side into gear. I need to have a goal that will 1) get me to lose weight consistently and 2) get me on my bike more frequently.

I’m finding far too often an excuse to not get on the bike. It’s like I can’t be bothered, but when I’m out there I love it. It’s just that getting ready and getting on I need to get over. It’s just me being lazy, which I need to change.

January was a great month for me and my bike. I had a cycling related goal which I really wanted to achieve. Then blogging about it made me feel anyone reading had to see me achieve it, I couldn’t let myself fail. #REDJanuary was great for me in the end.

So enter a new challenge. Something to aim for that is cycling related. Something that will get me out on my bike and a reason to loose more weight. Enter Challenge 50.

What is Challenge 50? It’s not age related… I’m far to young to be challenging 50 years for another 18 years. The challenge is to ride 50 miles in a single ride.

Aiming for this challenge gives me three reasons to go for it; 1) loose weight, 2) get on the bike and 3) give me something to blog about, something other than just loosing weight. I aim to blog about some of my rides, some of the different foods I’m eating since joining Weight Watchers and my journey as a whole.

When and where is this thing happening? It’s happening in August (about 11 weeks from now). My in-laws are having a little family BBQ, something we do each year. I figured why not use this to complete my challenge and bike it there.

The most direct route via cycling is just over 41 miles, but I’ve tinkered with the route and got it to 50.99 miles. To me that is huge. The furthest I’ve done on a bike ride was just before my holiday at 17 miles. 50 looks so far away from what I can do.

The route to complete my 50-mile challenge

But I have time on my side (a little of anyway). 11 weeks should be easily enough to ramp up to 50 miles. A couple of rides in the week and a longer ride at the weekend should see me achieve this fairly comfortably.

As for comfort, losing weight will really help. More than 90 minutes and my back side is struggling. But hopefully losing more weight and spending more time on the bike will allow me to get used to it and go longer.