Everyone knows we humans have to drink fluids to stay alive. If we don’t we dehydrate. It’s common knowledge to be fair, it’s engraved into us from when we’re born, the need of drink has always been there.

Around 60-65% of the average human adult body is made of water. This is why we need to drink fluids on a regular basis. But we know all this stuff, we learn it when we’re kids at school. So how does it help weight loss?

Weight loss is the process of losing weight. Simple, just another thing we know. But it’s how we lose the weight. We know that exercise will help our muscles burn fat and food stores our body holds. We know that eating less calories will make our body use stored fat to keep going.

There has only been little study into the full effects of drinking water to aid weight loss. But I find from my experience that on weeks where I drink more, I lose more. But where is the science in that? It could just be my and my body adapting to the extra water intake. I’m not a huge drinker to be fair, I should drink more, I certainly don’t drink the recommended amount each day.

But scientifically what happens when we drink water? Well for a start it makes our body burn a few more calories. That’s calories burnt without the need of exercise. Drinking half a litre of water can burn up to 23 calories over the next hour. Do that 8 times a day and that’s up to 184 extra calories gone, just from having a drink of water.

My water bottle I used to try and drink through the day

Th very first Slimming World consultant I used to see on a weekly basis once told me that drinking more help lose weight because you pee more. That’s a given really, the more fluid goes in, the more is going to come out. But what she used to say with it is the body removes fat particles through urine. Is this true? I don’t know. I find nothing conclusive about it online – but then the Internet doesn’t know everything.

It is plausible this would happen, but then I’m not an expert on how kidneys function. I know if you’re diabetic you can often be going to the toilet more without drinking more as your body uses this to expel sugar. If fat goes in the same way then brilliant. But I’m not convinced.

Being well hydrated though does certainly kerb the needing to pick at food for me. If I’m dehydrated I will often mistake it with being hungry and I will snack. Days where I make more of an effort to remain better hydrated, I don’t snack. That in itself will really help lose weight.

How much water should we drink a day? That all depends on you as a person. I believe guidelines here in the UK are around 8 glasses a day which should amount to around 2 litres. But obviously if it’s warm weather, or if you’re exercising, you drink more.

All I would say is drink. not alcohol – that defeats the object here. Water is your friend so go an enjoy it and let it work for you and your weight.