Last week, you will have likely read about me nowt having a great week. A lot of the blame went towards it being my birthday at the time, but in the end life is for living for not dieting.

As long as I keep to plan in between occasions, I should see a good loss over the course of a month or a year. After all, turning 32 doesn’t mean I have to be fat forever.

This week was much better compared to last week. I kept tracking virtually all my food and kept to my points allowance the best I could. there were a couple of things here and there which weren’t tracked, so it wasn’t a 100% week, but it was a hell of a lot better.

I’ still finding the change of diet plan a challenge. But I needed something different. I think the fact it is different and I am having to look up the point value of everything has kept me on track a lot more than trying to go solo. Portions have also shrunk, just as I knew they would.

I can no longer eat as much pasta, rice or potato as much as I like as long as there is some fruit and/or veg with it. I now have to portion it. Just as well really as too much of that stuff is no longer a good thing for me (I’ll go into that in my next post).

Today has also been a really good day, even with us spending the day with the kids at a kids theme park. I’ve taken the day of to make the bank holiday weekend a little longer and the weather has been amazing too. Instead of buying junk food while there, we took our own picnic. All foods I could enjoy yet point them and keep to plan.

This shows how keen me and wifey are on sticking to this new plan. Before we would have just thought “sod it, we’ll get a burger or something there”, but not today! Today showed we can take control and we will take control.

Days like today make me feel good about myself. It makes me feel that I can make a difference as long as I am willing to make them happen. Control is everything when trying to lose weight.

View of town from above

I also managed a couple of rides out on the Boardman this week. One I managed to tackle a road I would never have dreamed of previously, but I was feeling good to be out again so I went for it.

I managed to take the above picture on one of the rides, but don’t believe in the figures on it. My Garmin failed to track the first half of the ride – like down to me not using it correctly. With the weather being hot this weekend (apparently hotter here in the UK than in Majorca this weekend) I won’t be heading out, My lack of summer cycle clothing being the hindrance here. I have plenty of cold weather stuff, but nothing for when we have the current temperatures.

But once I’ve been away on holiday and got that out the way, I will have some new shorts and short sleeve jerseys to cycle in, something more comfortable for this weather.

But for now, I will be happy to get some jobs done in and around the house this weekend. Even if it means enjoying the sun with the kids in the garden – I mean, mowing the grass is technically exercise!