Hi. Hello. It’s me, I’m still here. I know it’s been a while since I last posted – 25th March if I remember correctly, which is almost three weeks ago! Time certainly does fly past without you realising sometimes.

I’ve missed posting here. A lot has happened in the last couple of weeks too. Good stuff and not so good stuff.

First off, we’ll get the not so good stuff out the way; I became another year older. It was my birthday last week, which wasn’t brilliant for the weight-loss. I gained 8lbs last week through the birthday week, some meals out and just generally not sticking to plan led to this.

I also hadn’t been out on the bike until Wednesday this week. Since I did RED (Ride Every Day) January, this is the first time my backside has been on the saddle of the Boardman. It’s really poor, I’ve no excuses. I could say I didn’t have time, but I could have made time. I could say the weather wasn’t great, but some days it was more than OK to be able to get out. Even if the weather wasn’t great, I have a turbo trainer. like I say, there is no excuse.

But the good thing from this, I found just how much I have missed being on the bike when I went out on Wednesday. I thought to myself while out, “Why has it taken me so freaking long to get out”. Guess what… I’m going out again later today – I feel like I have that buzz about I again.

A big change these last few weeks is also the dieting the wife and I are following. We said we were going to try and stick to Slimming World without going to group. Well… after long conversations about the subject, we’re no longer doing Slimming World at all. This doesn’t mean we wont be dieting, it also doesn’t mean we’re going at it alone.

The WW Logo

Welcome into fatmanslimming.blog the world of Weight Watchers (or WW as they like to be known as now). I’ve tried WW in the past, though only briefly. The plan is completely different and it makes you think about portion size a lot more than Slimming World does.

I’m not going to go into the difference between the two companies and/or plans. They are different, that’s all I need to say. Both me and wifey believe we need something different. Something to mix it up a bit. We’d become complacent on Slimming World having followed it for so long.

This change feels good so far. yes I had a massive gain this last week, but I hadn’t been tracking my food most of the week. But we’re back on it now. We’re into week 3 so hopefully I’ll now start seeing some results from it.

Wifey will be attending the weekly classes, whereas I will be following via a digital subscription only. This give us a bit of flexibility as it means wifey can attend any local class she can get to. I also get the full benefits of the online app etc to keep track of how I’m doing. I also get online support which so far has been great (following a little hiccup with the number of points I’m allowed when I signed up).

I will be back to frequent posts again now. I’ve had a rough time dieting lately, but I’m feeling more positive again now. I’ve missed being here and I’ve missed reading everyones blogs I follow myself. So watch out for more of my likes and comment people!