So tomorrow the London Landmarks Malfunction Marathon is being hosted for mad people to run around 13 miles. Why people would do this, I do not understand.

Running for me is not enjoyable. It might be if I was a lot lighter, so there wasn’t as much pressure on my knees, but there is a big reason I choose to cycle to lose weight, my bum and weight are supported.

But tomorrow I will be in London. Not to run the half marathon but to shout and cheer on my wife and mother-in-law. They’re the ones mad enough to complete this amazingly difficult challenge.

For my wife this will be one of the biggest challenges she’s ever faced, aside from child birth. She’s managed some preparation for this, it would be daft not to do any. But it’s going to be hard and she knows it. But she has her mum with her every step of the way and she has the attitude of “just enjoy the experience”. That is what will get her through it, the experience of thousands of people lining the streets to clap and cheer those running.

Map of the route

For me it will mean plenty of walking between points that we’ve already agreed to cheer them on at at. So I’m not going without a share of exercise, but nothing compared to what wifey will go through.

I love my wife and this is not her cup of tea, but she’s doing it and, knowing her, she will complete it. I love you wifey.