For the most part of 2019, I’ve written a weekly “Time to Reflect” post which looks back on my week. This has been my way of posting about my loss for said week. I’m changing things up a bit now though…

I’m starting a new post feature called “My Weight Loss Notes”. I will still writing the Time to Reflect posts too, but they will be more about how I’m feeling and dealing with the journey of losing weight, where as the Weight Loss Notes will be me talking about my actual weight loss so far. It will be where I can put down what I did during the week, how I’m changing physically (if at all) etc.

It’s basically another post for me to blog about. Writing to this blog has kept me on track when previously I would have thrown in the towel. It’s given me a place to put down my struggles and my achievements. Anything new I can bring will keep me motivated to do more.

So here we are with the first Weigh Loss Notes of what I hope will be many going forward.

If you read my previous post, Changing of the Guard, you will know that wifey and I are no longer attending our Slimming World Group for the moment. We may go back, we may not. that hasn’t been decided, but for now we’re having a break from it. But we’re still eating well in order to keep on our respective journeys.

This also means getting weighed at home rather than at the group. This has been a culture shock for me as I never weighed myself at home while attending the group. It also means there is no one there to congratulate me on a good week or on a milestone hit. But once I’ve told wifey how I’ve done, she’ll fill that little void.

This week I lost half a pound. Now, I figure I have around 3 stone to lose. If I go by the BMI figures I should be aiming to lose another 6 and a half stone – but If you ask me, the Body Mass Index is a load of rubbish, especially if you’re broad and built pretty big.

But half a pound is not a great loss, not when I know I can lose up to 2 pounds a week quite comfortably at the moment. There have been times, though, where we’ve eaten what we normally wouldn’t eat. A takeaway during the week, a lovely meal at the in-laws with a pudding (yes, I had pudding and it was nice). Little things like this can knock you’re weekly weight off track.

My weight loss week by week so far

The above graph shows my weight loss week by week so far. As you can see I often have a run of good weeks, then life gets in the way and I undo some of that good work, to then get back on it and lose it again. Losing weight is not straight forward, it’s a hell of a lot easier to put it on than knock it off. This shows exactly that.

But my journey is on going. It will likely be on going for a long time. But it won’t stop when I get to a desired weight either, it will keep going as I then move to keep that weight stable.

Anyone losing weight sustainably will tell you that it’s not possible to lose weight every single weight without a gain or a maintain for a week here or there. To me, the weight loss journey is not a water fall, it is a meandering river making it’s way down to sea level.

My achievements so far

What matters to me are the milestones. Not when I hit them, but the fact that I do hit them. I’m making it to each one my own way, but hopefully you readers and followers will be there to follow me to each and every one.