Hectic, that’s how I would describe things at the moment. Between family and work I am finding little time for myself. Little time for myself means fair irregular blog posts. But, I’m trying to set to time aside to fix this.

Things being busy also means other things have taken a little slide of late. Especially in the direction of food. Slimming World is great because when you’re on it, you can often get some amazing weekly results. But there is one catch with Slimming World… you need time. Time to plan, time to prepare and time to execute.

The Slimming World plan is all about cooking healthy food from scratch. Yes there are their own frozen meal range etc, but I refuse to pay those prices – £3.50 for half a meal… I might as well go out for the evening.

Yes, complaining of lack of time etc sounds like excuses. It might well be an excuse, but i can’t magic any more time out of a day than 24 hours. I need to sleep and I don’t function well without it. Tiredness leads to “I can’t be bothered”, which leads to a take away. Then sets in the guilt and regret, so I comfort eat… it’s a viscous circle and one I have found more often than I would like.

But last week was not a complete write off. Yes I’ve not been snacking on fruit as I normally would. I’ve not eaten a third of my plate of ‘speed’ food. This is a big thing for me as I often load up on ‘speed’ food to keep the weight coming off.

Motivation has been hard of late too. If you read back through some of my previous Time to Reflect posts, you’ll see me feeling motivated after going to group. Especially if I’ve had a bad week. Things have changed of late though and so has my perception on the group.

There are some amazing people there, some real good sources of inspiration. But I’m not feeling it any more. I’m going to group, handing over my £4.95, getting weighed, sitting with a coffee and then waiting an hour to get to me in image therapy. But then as it’s nearly time to wrap up, I’m whizzed past and going into next week. The wife even said a couple of weeks ago that she felt like giving up, but that just got skipped and onto the next person the group went.

Now, my dear wifey has been a Slimming World consultant, before we moved back to where I was from and before baby #2 arrived. It was a nice little earner and its safe to say it’s the best job she’s had. But Slimming World don’t look after you as a company. You’re a franchise owner but you have to follow strict rules with little help available. Since then we’ve both struggled to find a group who treat us as normal members. We thought we found that when we joined this group last year, but feeling are starting to change.

This has lead to us both taking the decision to give it a break for now. We know the plan inside out and we’ll continue to support each other, just as we always have done. The only difference this time is we’re going to be saving the £9.90 a week.

Anyone doing Slimming World at the moment, don’t give up. Keep going to your group if it is helping you. If it keeps you on plan then don’t stop. Circumstances change and we have to move with them. Feelings change and we have to move with them. That is all me and the wife are doing here. We are still following the Slimming World plan, but going solo. The guard of our weight loss is changing.

I feel with my family (wife, parents and close friends) that we can still achieve what we want. I also have this blog and the people who are reading it (if you’ve made it this far). My blog has kept me going no end these last few months. I don’t really share my feelings etc normally, but this blog has opened me up no end. It’s been something to keep me going, which means you readers and followers keep me going.