Last week wasn’t great when I got weighed, but it was expected after the holiday and everything. The gain wasn’t as bad as it could have been, but it was a gain. You can read about last week in my post Holidays and Weight Loss.

This week though I needed to be back on it 100%. Deep down I wanted to aim for that 6lbs gain from last week to be gone. But I can’t set myself mini targets each week. When I do, I don’t do well. It’s like I put too much pressure on myself to get that mini target. I obviously don’t deal with that sort of self-pressure very well.

So this week I elected to not give Annette (our lovely Slimming World consultant) a mini target for the week, again. I just wanted to have a crack at losing what I could without the pressure of aiming for something.

The week started off well, just like most weeks do. Thursday and Friday completely on plan. Saturday arrived and I felt rough when I got out of bed. Now wifey had got up with the kids this particular morning and left me in bed. If I sleep too long I feel rough, but this wasn’t it. I got up and headed downstairs, but as I moved I felt queasy.  The day went on and I didn’t feel all too well.  This meant I didn’t eat anything, just drank plenty of water.  You may say ‘good’ to this if you’re slimming, but I’m a believer in the body being a fine balance.  A balance that once disrupted it changes, in this case, would likely go into starvation mode when I next ate.

Sunday I was much more myself though, thankfully.  So the food went down again and all was good.  Back on plan an enjoying it just as previously was a good feeling after the rough feeling of Saturday.Through the rest of the work week, I struggled a little.  My boss had brought some sweets in from his holidays and as usual, I gave in to will power and temptation and had a few.  I have no idea how many syns are in those sweets, they’re Spanish, so I kind of just ignored that fact and carried on with my days as usual.

Come to Wednesday and getting ready for the weigh-in, I wasn’t sure what to expect.  Had those sweets broken my food optimizing?  Had I managed to get away with it?  All would be revealed when I eventually got weighed.

One thing I noticed when heading to the group though, I put on a Williams F1 jacket I bought last year.  When I bought it, I couldn’t get anywhere close to zipping it up.  To my surprise on Wednesday evening, it fastened up just fine.  Still a little tight then I would like, but considering 8 months ago I was nowhere near being able to wear it, I was happy.  When I look in the mirror I still think I don’t look any different, but when I take this along with the smaller jeans I’ve been wearing, I’m winning.  It’s a hell of a war losing weight, but I now feel the last few battles have been well and truly won.

Anyway, back to weigh-in, I saw a familiar number on the scales when I got on them.  I saw the number that was there the week before my holiday.  Yes, I had gained 6lbs while away, but that 6lbs is gone now.  I’m going to say it’s gone for good, because how I’m feeling mentally now I’ve thought about the clothes again I am going to keep going.  I am going to keep losing weight, little but or big bit at a time.

Speaking to a friend of mine lately about this weeks weight loss, something was said which has stuck with me for now.

…you seem more determined this time than I think I have ever seen you.  Just need to get you back on that bike.

I am feeling determined, more than I probably ever have done and it’s a good feeling.  I do also need to get back on the bike.  I’ve not been on it for weeks.  I can give excuses, but that’s what they are… excuses.  I just need to get my fat, lazy ass up and make time to get out and about.