It will soon be summer and some people will be heading off on holidays, whether abroad or at home, most will have some sort of break. For me, our first ‘holiday’ of 2019 was last week – hence no new posts from me during the week.

We went to Butlins in Skegness. Nothing relaxing and warm, but our eldest was off school with Half Term, so we took the opportunity to take the kids away for a week. Butlins is very much for the kids on these breaks. What they don’t tell you is that the adults need a break to get over this break! I’m knackered and so is the wife.

We included dining in our package, which meant we could use the onsite restaurant for Breakfast and our Evening Meal, only left fending for Lunch ourselves. There are places on the site like Burger King, a Fish ‘n’ Chips restaurant, Pizza restaurant and a couple of ‘pubs’. Nothing really suiting for someone trying to lose weight, nor keep an eye on the pennies.

It’s always helpful if you’re going on Holiday somewhere you’ve been before as you generally know what to expect food wise. I knew I wouldn’t get lunch in our package, so we took some little things with us to keep us and the kids going until our evening meal.

I also went with the plan of making better choices where possible. I know that in the restaurant we would be eating in we would have a good select of food each morning and evening. I knew that I would be able to kind of stick to plan while away.

From weighing night on Wednesday all the way through to Monday we were on plan (we being the wife and me). We left on our break on Monday morning, thus only having our evening meal when we got there. Here I was alright. Boiled Rice with Stuffed Pepper (looked nice and tasted nicer) followed by a Muller Light Yoghurt. I thought to myself, you got this, just steer clear of the temptation.

Day 2 and it all started to go to pot from Breakfast. We don’t need to go into detail but I gave into temptation way to easily. But on the other hand, I figured I wanted to enjoy myself and the food I was eating. I enjoyed the themed evenings with Chinese, Mexican, Indian etc. It’s not like I was eating Pizza and Burger ever night with fatty chips. They were proper meals.

Anyway, I enjoyed my break, along with the food. As long as I got back on plan the day we got back I would be OK. I’d expect a gain but it could be damage limitation now. Instead, we didn’t do a full and proper food sho[p when we got back. So we were left to some of the not so good foods left in the house.

Wednesday night came back around again this week which meant returning to the group. The wife and I both had a guess of how much we’d gain. I went for 5lbs, which I wasn’t far from, I gained 6lbs over the week. A little gutting considering the work I’ve put in leading up to the break, but still, I enjoyed it (I sound like I’m stuck on record now).

I’ve not set myself a target to lose all that again this week. It is possible and I’ve lost more than that in a week previously. But I’m not putting myself under that pressure. I find if I put too much pressure on myself it doesn’t work. If I don’t think about it, I lose better. So this week is back to basics. A food Diary to record what I’m eating and hopefully a good loss next week to counteract this gain.

My tip for anyone going on holiday this year and wanting to lose weight: Do what makes you happy, don’t feel you’ve ruined your break by being too strict with yourself. Holidays are to be enjoyed and you will always be back on the weight loss train when you get back. Keep that chin held high and use your previous successes as motivation to keep going.