Usually, after a Wednesday weigh in, I reflect on the last week. I am still doing that here, but not for me. I’m not the only person on this wonderful journey to lose weight. There are two of us in our house. Yes, my wonderful better other half is also losing weight well too.

Like me, my wife has done Slimming World time after time, even became a consultant and had her own group for a while. I bet if we asked her, she’d say being a Slimming World consultant was the best job she’s had. You could tell when running the groups, she loved it.

I speak of her being a Slimming World consultant in the past tense, as it was before child number 2 came on the scene and before we moved to be closer to my family. I’ll admit I got roped in by choice. I helped with some of the admin sides of the job and made some of the advertising posters for her. I even helped walking the miles posting leaflets through 1000’s of doors around the area.

Anyway back to her weight loss journey. Wifey wasn’t too happy last week with her loss. She felt she’d been on plan 100% and got a measly little loss. So this week she went back to basics.

I saw her using her food journal again, noting down everything she’s eaten and syn’d every syn. She was on it like it was week 1 again. It wasn’t week 1 though, it was week 6. Aiming to get her 1 stone award this week, she wasn’t leaving it to chance.

When wifey is on plan like that it helps me. She often makes me my tea and I take the leftovers for lunch the following day. When wifey is on plan and committed, all my meals are food optimized too.

Slimming World Banquet Rice and Beef in Black Bean

Leading up to Christmas she wasn’t really feeling the love for Slimming World. So we decided together she’d stop being a member as she wasn’t sticking to plan fully and it was a waste of £4.95 each week. But I still wanted to stay and stick to plan, so she supported me. She still attended the group with me and helped to keep me on track during that time. That’s how amazing she is.

Then the start of January and she re-joined. Starting off as a new member again. Since then she’s been at it, losing every week since. She’s also back at work now after having our second child. Not being at work for just over a year took it’s toll, but she’s glad she’s back to work. It allows her adult time three days a week and you can tell she is feeling better for it.

Being organised is key on Slimming World and being back at work has added that to our lives for dear wifey. She often makes breakfast, lunch and tea the night before for the following day. not just for her, but for me too. See, there is me winning out of it again. But it’s allowed us to keep control instead of getting something quick because we weren’t organised.

This last week she has measured everything and it paid off. A nice 2 and a half lbs off this week gave her that 1 stone award. I didn’t know she had achieved it until Annette gave the award out. No bonus points for me for asking how she got on after getting weighed.

Me, well this week wasn’t great. It was still a loss with half a lbs off, but I wasn’t happy about it. There does seem to be a trend with me though. Over the last 6 weeks, my weeks have gone good loss, crappy loss, good loss, crappy loss, good loss, crappy loss. But as my friend pointed out, my bad weeks have still been a loss which is something to be positive about.

So here’s to wifey and her fantastic start to her weight loss journey!