These last couple of days have been huge for me motivation wise. Losing weight can be a horrendous journey. You have good weeks and you have bad weeks. On the bad weeks, you have to remember why you’re doing this and look back at what keeps you going.

After feeling left wanting last week with my single pound lost, I wanted more this week. More importantly, I wanted that 2 and a half stone award. I started the week like nothing was going to stop me. I was not going to be disappointed again, not when I’m so close to that next award.

The week has been rather topsy turvy though. Albeit starting out well Through Thursday and Friday, the weekend came and left most of us in the family with a stomach bug. It was Tuesday again before we all started to feel normal again. But after a spout of illness like that, I usually turn to comfort food when I get my appetite back.

Tuesday night though, the wife and I watched Davina McCalls This Time Next Year. Basically, people go on the show who need to do something/achieve something over the next twelve months. This particular episode was centred around weight loss, something we can really relate to. Something which I hoped may just give me that bit of inspiration to stay on track for the rest of the week and not derail.

The first couple came on the show and I had that eery feeling of ‘I know them from somewhere’. They looked familiar but I couldn’t pin where from. Then after their transforming year, it clicked. It was the chaps who run another blog that I love – Two Chubby Cubs. They’ve loads of different inspiring recipes for things you’d never think of eating when losing weight. Between them, they lost around 17 stone. That’s huge and it got me thinking I don’t see why I can’t lose half of that combined weight if I really tried.

Wednesday can often leave me snacking rather than eating meals. Working from home means I’ve not got a controlled amount of food as I would have at work. But after watching the program the previous night I was motivated to keep to plan and make sure I get a decent result on the scales. I made sure I had a proper breakfast and lunch so that I wasn’t left snacking through the afternoon to weigh time.

Wednesday evening soon approached and I hoped there would be a good result showing when I got on the scales. The disappointment of the previous week was still firm in my memory and I really hoped it wouldn’t happen again.

As you can see above, the result was fan-bloody-tastic. Not only had I got a decent weight loss for the week, but I also got my 2 and a half stone award! I’ve never lost as much as this in my previous runs at Slimming World. I’ve got below 2 stone a couple of times, but then hit a wall and given up. But not this time. Along with that I also got my Club 10 certificate, which means I’ve lost 10% of my starting weight. It feels huge to get this, more so than the 2 and a half certificate. Losing 10% of my weight is life changing and I’m nowhere near the end of my journey yet.

It feels different on this journey compared with previous attempts. I feel I’ve got more support around me than ever. From my wife to my parents, my Slimming World consultant to the new friends I’ve made at the group, the support is endless. It keeps me going at it, picking away those pounds each week. It keeps the motivation high enough to not stop and give up.

I really believe this time I can get down to an acceptable weight. A weight where I will be happy about myself, a weight I can call target.

But until I get to my target (which I’ve not set yet), I just have to keep reminding myself of how far I’ve come so far. My wife is my biggest rock for support and reminders of how well I’m doing, but there is also the fridge.

Certificates of Achievements So Far…