It’s that time of week again folks, weigh night. This last week has been a long week, so it feels anyway. It’s certainly been a long slog and I’m still tired from the weekend, even though today is Thursday.

I’ve been on-call with work this last week. Often we don’t get called, but this weekend I did, a few times. It started Saturday morning at 3am. Now when I’m called I don’t have to physically go to work, I log on from home (a perk of working in IT). But still, I was working from 3am until 9am when the issue was finally resolved. At this point, wifey told me to go back to bed for a bit. But I was awake and wouldn’t just go to sleep, so I decided to just crack on with the day. I took my eldest for her swimming lesson and then took my youngest to my grandmas for lunch. Just a typical Saturday.

I planned to ride in the evening to continue my #REDJanuary journey. I was looking forward to a relaxing night with the wife as our eldest was staying a Grandpa’s for the night. We only had our youngest to contend with. Anyway, cutting a long story short we ended up in A&E (the British version of the ER for my followers over the Atlantic). Our youngest had a spell of not being very well. We called 111 hoping for an out of hours GP appointment but they sent an ambulance instead. He’d perked up by the time the paramedics arrived, but as he is under 2 years old they have to take him to be seen by a doctor. Bye bye evening, planned Chinese Fakeaway meal and my ride.

In order to try and make up for lost miles in my #REDJanuary challenge, I elected for harder workouts in Zwift to hopefully build up further distances on the flatter routes. It worked a little and I enjoyed the hard workouts again. But they were hard to the point my quads have ached from cycling this week.

But come Wednesday evening I wasn’t overly hopeful of getting that 3.5lbs I needed for my 2 and a half stone award. I still went to the group not knowing what to expect. The optimistic me got on the scales to find 1lbs off. I’m gutted I didn’t get that award last night, but there are some factors involved this week which won’t have helped lose weight.


For a start, I’ve not drunk anywhere near enough this last week. I usually drink three large bottles of water along with maybe four large mugs of coffee through the day. I average around 2 litres of fluid. I know for a fact this last week I’ve dropped a bottle of water each day as well as 1 or 2 mugs of coffee. Mix this with the exercise from the bike each day and I’m not doing well.

Water Retention

Working harder on the bike has made my muscles ache a lot more in the legs this week. It’s something I’m getting used to with riding the bike, but I know that acing muscles retain water to help the repair process. I don’t mean retaining huge amounts and making me swell, but any water retention is going to play havoc with the scales when you weigh weekly.

The Plan

I’m my biggest critic when it comes to Slimming World and I can tell you as much as I think I’ve stuck to plan there will be times I’ve not. I haven’t counted syns this week, haven’t measured my A and B choices this week, haven’t had a third of my plate of speed food on every meal. These basic fundamentals of the plan mean it won’t work effectively. I believe the work I’ve put in on the bike has probably lead to me still losing a single pound when other weeks it could have been another gain.

Moving On

So what am I going to do about it this week going forward? Well, I will be sticking to plan a lot more strictly again. Just like the other week when I kept a diary of what I ate, I will be doing the same. That particular week I lost 4 lbs, so maybe it’s something I need to keep doing.

I can’t cheat myself either. If I have a biscuit here or there, it needs to be counted! If it’s not counted the only person I’m cheating is me, which then leads to me not being happy and no like an unhappy me.