#REDJanuary: Week 4 In Review

Now on the final stretch to February. I can’t believe January seems to have gone by so quickly. It doesn’t seem that long ago since it was Christmas and the New Year was breaking in, but here we are 4 weeks into the year already.

This week physically hurt on the bike. My body has never done anything like this every day. Usually, if I exercise it takes me a couple of days to recover, but that seems to be changing. I’m feeling good for the miles I’ve ridden so far this year. I’m already past last years total mileage, so now it’s just about finishing the month off strong.

Day 22

#REDJanuary: SST (Short)
New York (Zwift)

I had a go at the SST (Short) routine in Zwift. After not completing the long Fondo Ride for Fondo training I decided to mix up the month and throw in some random workouts. On paper, the SST (Short) workout looked OK, plenty of Zone 3 & 4 work which I thought I could handle. Turns out I couldn’t and I stopped just short of half an hour as I just didn’t have the legs to complete it. I struggled to get off the bike they ached that badly.

Day 23

#REDJanuary: Attempt at Emily’s Short Mix
New York (Zwift)

Continuing with some of the random workouts, I had completed this particular workout (Emily’s SHort Mix) back at the end of November. I remember back then it is hard but a good workout. So I thought I’d give it another go and see if there was much difference. OH boy, I wasn’t prepared. I completely forgot I previously did this workout before doing my first FTP test, so the FTP previously was a lot lower. I didn’t get far in this ride, but it was way too hard. Now I’m wondering if my FTP is set a tad too high?

Day 24

#REDJanuary: Incremental Peak

After the last couple of rides being so hard I couldn’t complete them, I set out to create some of my own workouts which were a little easier to complete. Incremental Peak is a workout I created that has multiple peaks with Zone 1 recovery in between. I enjoyed this workout, it has a nice flow and allows time to recover between the harder sections. Safe to say I found my mojo a bit after this ride considering the previous couple of days.

Day 25

#REDJanuary: Fondo – Taper Steady
Watopia (Zwift)

I know I said further up that I wasn’t continuing with the Fondo training, but this particular workout looked a bit easier than previous ones so I went with it. It turned out to be a pretty decent workout and I got good mileage out of it. Time to make some ground on that 310-mile target for January.

Day 26

#REDJanuary: 4 Peaks
Watopia (Zwift)

Another custom work I’ve recently created. Some nice easy riding in Zones 2 and 3 with sharp quick spikes into Zones 4 and 5 for a minute each. The workout looks like a peak repeated 4 times, hence the name 4 peaks. I enjoyed this workout. It gave some time for recovery while building up to higher power outputs. Good for getting some miles in.

Day 27

No Workout

It’s taken nearly 4 weeks for me to miss a day riding! Gutted I am, but it couldn’t be helped. I’m on a call with work at the moment and being called out at 3am isn’t fun. Not when you then end up spending the evening at the hospital with the youngest. All I can do now is finish the month strong and try to get as many miles as possible in over the next few remaining days.

Day 28

#REDJanuary: 4 Peaks
Richmond (Zwift)

I used Zwift preferences tonight to change the Zwift world to Richmond. I’ve never ridden in this world since using the Turo Trainer and I noticed the flat route here hardly has any elevation to climb. Perfect for a fat guy to try and get some decent miles in. I would have liked to go a bit further, but I have work to do (still on call). Still, it was a good 10 miles int he bag.

Got To Take The Positive

I am absolutely gutted that I’ve not been able to ride every single day this month. I felt really down about it when I couldn’t ride, but with the stupid long hours I’d been up and the dehydration from not really drinking anything for a good few hours at the hospital it was the right choice. Had I have ridden I’d have probably made myself ill. This is the first time my body has exercised like this ever.

What I have achieved so far this month (259.1 miles) I am proud of. I decided not to part take in the fundraising during RED January for the charity Mind because I honestly thought I would never stick to going every day. I expected I’d have given up long before now. But to my surprise, I’ve really enjoyed it. I think cycling can be a really good hobby going forward. I’m still taking baby steps to get fit and lose weight, but once this weight is gone I can’t wait to start getting fitter and joining some real-life group rides through the summer. Maybe the wife might join in a few times with the kids in tow. We’ll have to see.

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