Last week I was disappointed after the weigh-in. I’d lost a whole half a lbs, not really what I was aiming for. But I had a good, long, hard think about why I hadn’t had a good loss then. You can read that here.

This week though, I am glad the report, was a much better week. I started out well. I found my old food journal (where we track everything we eat). I’d identified I wasn’t counting syns properly, if at all. So I set myself a goal of going at this week properly. I made sure I stuck within my syns, I ate as much speed free food as I could. I snacked on fruit instead of syn loaded goodies and made sure a third of my plate was speed free food at meal times.

Keeping a log of my food

I wasn’t feeling too optimistic going into Wednesday night. I felt great last week and didn’t get much in return, so I was a bit skeptical this time. But I got to group, paid and headed to get weighed.

Looking at the numbers on the scales I knew immediately I had lost. Way hey, a nice couple of lbs I said out loud. Only for the weigh lady to look at me and say “you mean 4?” I’d only gone and lost 4 lbs this week! I was over the moon. Being able to look back on the previous week to know where I had gone wrong (after I stopped being a baby about it) really helped. I was honest with myself and I just got on with it this week.

Another 4 lbs gone

I took a seat in our usual corner with our usual slimmer friends and we waited for IMAGE Therapy to start. Annette our consultant started going around how people had done and how they were feeling as usual. The order this week was the order we weighed (sometimes it is alphabetical). I didn’t know who weighed in front of me, I wasn’t paying attention at the time so I didn’t know when Annette would get to me.

Just past halfway through the group Annette shouts my name. On her tablet, she sees how I’ve done this week as well as previous weeks. Then she kicked straight into how I was feeling last week. She had seen my blog post. She said it was great that I was able to sit back and reflect on my poor week last week. Then she proceeded to congratulate me on my week and spoke a little about the cycling I’ve been doing. Apparently, I’m due some body magic awards for my exercise, but I’ll just get #REDJanuary out the way first and worry about claiming them another week. Annette then said she had something for me at the end so not to shoot off.

We proceeded on with the rest of the group, moving onto the wifey next as she had lost another 2 lbs (yay!). We shared some replacement ideas from foods that were higher in syns for alternative lower syn foods. This is why I like the group, you pick up some good ideas from there.

The end of IMAGE Therapy arrived and the raffle was drawn (again we didn’t win). Then the Slimmer of the Week was announced. Slimmer of the Week is the person or persons that have lost the most this week, but who also lost or maintained the previous week. Now, there were people in group that had lost 5, 6 & 7 lbs this week. So I really wondered what Annette had for me at the end. Anyway… she announced the Slimmer of the Week to be me and another member… I looked twice because I NEVER win Slimmer of the Week (apart from the last two times). I’d lost more previous weeks and not won, so never expected it this week.

I’m really over the moon about this week now. I’d had a good loss and I now have another certificate to stick on the fridge at home. I’m now 3 and a half lbs away from achieving my 2 and a half stone award. I will aim for that award next week. Using what I did this week just gone as an inspiration of how it can be done will really help. Plus I still have another week of cycling every day to help out too.