Starting this week I will be writing a weekly post about my week. I’m planning it being a weekly fixture on every Thursday as my weigh week runs Wednesday-Wednesday; basically, Wednesday is weigh night and this is my Time to Reflect on the past week.

Let’s start with how I did this week at the weigh-in. I was hopeful of a good weight loss this week, I felt I’d done what I can to earn myself that 2 stone award back, I only need 1 lb to get it. No matter how hopeful I was, it didn’t come. I lost half a lbs this week. Not a reflection of what I thought I deserved going into weigh-in, but it’s what I got. This means I’m still half a lbs away from getting my 2 stone back again, deflated is an understatement of how I felt at the group.

Group itself was a little more back to normal. Yes, there was still a big queue for pay and weigh, but it was mainly the regulars and some newer members that stayed for IMAGE Therapy. It means that our consultant doesn’t have to rush through the last half of the group because we’re getting on for the group end time.

Now looking back at my week I now know that I hadn’t had the best week at all. The week started off well from leaving group last week. We didn’t have a takeaway treat which we’re normally accustomed to. Instead, we took our dinner to the group with us. Stuffed Jacket Potatoes and Beans (I’ll get the recipe added soon). Having something to eat at a more normal time instead of picking up a takeaway at 9pm was nice. More importantly, it was on plan.

We move through Friday with nothing really to report, just a normal day at work with my on plan breakfast and lunch, then dinner at home. Come to Saturday though and the night certainly was not on plan. I expected this, it was the night out for my friends 40th. An ABBA Tribute night with a 3-course meal (of which there weren’t choices of food) and a bar. To be fair I didn’t drink a lot, I’d need to remortgage the house if I had. But the food was really nice.

Carrot and Coriander Soup for starters (likely made with full fat cream). A carvery for mains, but I got a funny look when I asked for more veg (we didn’t help ourselves, it was served to us). Then pudding was some sort of mint chocolate cheesecake thing. All in all, it wasn’t on plan. It will have all been cooked in oil etc, but I knew it was coming. The key was to get back on plan on Sunday again.

Sunday we were on plan again – something which I and the wife have rarely (if at all) done in the past after a night out. But we were motivated and we knew if we didn’t get straight onto plan we would fail for the week. We got invited out to Frankie and Benny’s for breakfast with my brother which we attended. We had a couple of coffees and left. I’m not going to lie, that was hard, not eating there. But if we had succumbed to our cravings we would have written off the day. We then headed to the in-laws to pick up the kids and have a Sunday Roast – on plan! my mother-in-law does Slimming World, so we can often be safe eating there.

Monday and Tuesday rattled by as normal then Wednesday weigh day arrived. Remember the friend who’s birthday we celebrated at the weekend, well she brought goodies into work. Not only did she bring goodies into work, but she put them on the desk next to me… NEXT TO ME!! It was hard, it was torture, I gave in. Had the goodies been on another desk where I couldn’t see them all day I would have been fine – so I’m blaming you, Louise!

There is one thing which I didn’t do all week too which will have been a major contribution to my tiny loss this week… I didn’t count one single syn. As a long-time member on his 4th or 5th attempt at Slimming World, I get complacent. I rarely check syn values any more – things could have changed. I haven’t properly counted syns for ages. This will change for this week. My goal for next week is to count every single syn. It’s the easiest way to protect myself this week and get a better loss come Wednesday evening.