#REDJanuary Week 2 In Review

Already 2 weeks into the New Year and still going strong. Am I getting bored of cycling yet? Hell no, though I am itching to get outside… hurry up better weather and more daylight. I’m really enjoying riding Zwift on the turbo at the moment, the format of the workouts are keeping me engaged in what I’m doing.

So week 1 I completed 74.7 miles. I’m at 151.3 miles for the month/year now, so that makes 76.6 miles for days 8 to 14. I said I was going to beat the first week total and I have, just. This makes me feel good, makes me feel I’ve achieved something as I haven’t had quite as much time this week to do some longer rides as week 1. Some rides this week have been under 30 minutes, but still enough to clock up a few miles and get the heart rate up a bit.

Day 8

#REDJanuary: Fondo – Long Tempo
London (Zwift)

#REDJanuary Day 8

Long Tempo actually wasn’t as long as you may think. Fondo training is basically formed of 2 shorter mid-week rides with a longer weekend ride, so this was only 50 minutes. But I enjoyed this ride, nothing like riding through the London Underground to get into the Surrey Hills and back into the city again. No huge climbs on this, maybe when I’ve lost a good few stones I’ll attempt more elevation.

Day 9

#REDJanaury: Free Ride
London (Zwift)

#REDJanuary Day 9

A free ride as per what will be the norm on a Wednesday. I took to the Greater London Loop this time, getting a little bored of doing the short Classique route all the time. A little more elevation this way (not a lot mind) but some new scenery like Harrods. Feeling all posh cycling through there.

Day 10

#REDJanuary: Fondo – Make A Break For It
London (Zwift)

#REDJanuary Day 10

Back into the Fondo training program and learning how to sprint from the peloton (pack of riders) and maintain the higher wattage for a short time – hence the term Make A Break For It. I enjoyed this ride, the multiple ‘breakaways’ followed by a steady pace after, keeps you on your toes when things are mixed up.

Day 11

#REDJanuary: Free Ride
Watopia (Zwift)

#REDJanuary Day 11

A nice ride through dreamy land of Watopia, I took to the flat circuit which loops around the main part of the Watopia Island without too much elevation. I’t’s a nice short ride but you get to ride through Ocean Boulevard which takes you under water. It’s always nice to see the Dolphins swim by there – shame it’s a not a real place.

Day 12

#REDJanuary: Fondo – The Long Ride
Watopia (Zwift)

#REDJanaury Day 12

This particular ride is the longest I’ve been on the bike on the trainer. A good hour and 25 minutes. It was tough but I found it very rewarding. The actual workout was pretty hard, intervals getting harder through the ride, but I felt an amazing sense of achievement after climbing the volcano for the first time. I’ve attempted it a couple of times in a free ride, but always burnt out before getting to the top. This workout made sure I didn’t push too hard too early.

Day 13

#REDJanuary: Free Ride
Watopia (Zwift)

#REDJanaury Day 13

An easy spin Sunday after Saturday’s beast of a ride (was for me anyway). Legs were still feeling the effects of the previous day’s workout so I just picked a short route to ride. Figured I take a slightly hillier route than usual, so when for the Hilly Circuit in Watopia. Didn’t push hard, but instead used the gears to keep my wattage to a comfortable level. Something I need to learn to do more.

Day 14

#REDJanaury: Fat Burner
Watopia (Zwift)

#REDJanuary Day 14

Todays’ ride was just a short one, I’m preparing for a good workout tomorrow back on the Fondo training plan. Chose to go with one of my custom workouts instead of a free ride, that way I can’t be tempted to go powering up any elevation changes. It’s a workout which keeps the heart rate in Zone 2 which is (so I’ve read) the best Zone for burning fat.

Approaching Half Way

So we’re approaching halfway through January now. 14 days of cycling done, 17 days remaining (if my maths is correct). I’ve already covered 151.3 miles of my 310 miles target (average 10 miles per day). That makes 48.8% of the distance completed.

Zwift has been an incredible motivator for me so far with the trainer. I’d have likely given up through bordem by now, it’s just the way I am. But I’ve surprised myself how eager I am to complete this January challenge. I find myself excited about getting on the bike. Who knew I’d ever enjoy exercise.

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