I realised today I’ve been neglecting the blog this last week. I last posted Tuesday when I was starting to get into a rhythm of posting at least every other day. It’s not that I forgot or anything, I’ve just been so busy this last week.

This week weigh-in on Wednesday evening was the first weigh-in with a full week back on plan 100%. After gaining that 7.5lbs over the Christmas break I was determined to get most of, if not all of, it off again. Starting as if starting the Slimming World plan in Week 1 I kept track of Syns and Healthy Extras like a hawk.

We knew group would be stupidly busy so we got there a bit earlier. Weigh-in is between 1900-19:30 with IMAGE Therapy happening between 19:30-20:30. Usually, we get there about 19:20 and weigh straight in, but this week we got there for 19:00. It was that busy that the new joiners from the previous group didn’t finish weighing until 19:30, so our group was effectively delayed half an hour. But once the ‘already members‘ hit the pay station we were quickly going through.

Eventually, I found that I lost 6lbs this week. 1 and a half off recovering completely from the week before, but I was happy with it – kind of. I set my goal on the full 7.5lbs this week but didn’t quite get there. I know I can have bigger weight losses, I have times in the past, but I just didn’t quite get there this week. Feeling a little glum I went to sit back down, steadily easing my way down to the chair. Then it occurred to me that my legs were aching. Not massively, but enough to make it an effort to get up and down.

They ay with Slimming World you don’t need to exercise to lose weight, but exercise does help. I’ve done more exercise in the last few days than I’ve done all of 2018 together I bet. Cycling every day has to have played a part and it did. Proven or not, I’m a firm believer that muscles in the body retain water to help repair after a workout. Retaining that water at the end of the day is weight and could be the reason I missed out on that target. But I’m not feeling down about, I’m happy I lost as much as I did, even if I did set a high goal.

The fact of the matter is I am near enough where I was before Christmas again and come to weigh-in next week I will be even lower (so I plan anyway). The only curve ball this week is one of my closest friends turns old soon and we’re out Saturday night celebrating. I won’t be going mad, but I’ll enjoy myself and be straight back on it again. One night, one meal will not make a difference to a week’s worth of work and I’ll prove it Wednesday evening.

I’ll remain on plan all other days, eating the fantastic creations my wife and I have been finding and cooking. We both seem to have found our spark with Slimming World again, so it can only be good results next week.

Before I sign off though, a big shout out to the wife! She re-joined Slimming World last week after some time off to find her motivation again. She lost 7lbs in her first weigh-in and got that half stone award on week 1. 13lbs gone between us in a week shows how determined we are and we’ll keep each other motivated to go more and more.