We’re a week into 2019 already. With how fast that seems to have flown there is no wonder 2018 seemed to go by with a blur. But 1 week in means 7 days of riding my bike so far and I’ve got to say, I’m enjoying it at the moment.

In the last week, I’ve recorded 74.7 miles on the bike. All my rides in 2018 totaled 196.6 miles, so I’ve already ridden 37.99% of my 2018 total in 2019. For someone like me, fairly fresh to the idea of frequent exercise and being the size I am, that’s fairly impressive. I’m impressed anyway and that’s all that matters.

Day 1

#REDJanuary: Fondo – Welcome Workout
Location: London (Zwift)

#REDJanuary Day 1

I’m using #REDJanuary to train for a Fondo on Zwift in February. Day 1 started off the training schedule for this 4-week plan with a welcome workout. It took me through all the workout Zones and gave me a good feeling that my Functional Threshold Power (FTP) is configured right.

Day 2

#REDJanuary: Fat Burner
Location: London (Zwift)

#REDJanuary Day 2

Wednesday was a ‘do my own thing‘ day, so I created a Fat Burner Workout in Zwift which keeps me in Zone 2 most of the time for the purpose of burning fat. Even though it’s lower sustained power I found this rather difficult following on from Day 1.

Day 3

#REDJanuary: Fondo – Introductory Intervals
Location: Watopia (Zwift)

#REDJanuary Day 3

My first early morning rise at 5am to go for a bike ride, something has changed in me. This was the second Fondo training workout which took me through the basics of how interval training works in Zwift. It was hard, but I felt good after completing the ride, especially so early in the morning.

Day 4

#REDJanuary: Easy Intervals
Location: Watopia (Zwift)

#REDJanuary Day 4

Friday was another ‘do my own thing’ ride, so I tried a workout I created called Easy Intervals. Taking me up and down power in Zones 1 & 2 primarily with some Zone 3 thrown in. I didn’t quite complete a full 10-mile ride, but I did choose a hillier route (Volcano climb). As I’m completing a workout and not a free ride I can’t race up hills as I have to keep to predefined power outputs.

Day 5

#REDJanuary: Fondo – The Long Ride
Location: New York City (Zwift)

#REDJanuary Day 5

The first of the longer weekend rides (the Fonda training plan is two shorter rides in the week and a longer one at the weekend). Passed 1 hour in the saddle (was sore after this one) and found it hard. Next weeks Saturday ride is not looking all that appealing at the moment.

Day 6

#REDJanuary: Active Recovery
Location: New York City (Zwift)

#REDJanuary Day 6

Staying in New York again for this ride I tried out the Active Recovery workout I created in Zwift for rides the day following a harder ride. Keeping to Zones 1 & 2 this was more of an easy spin for the legs than a workout, but it was highly enjoyable following the previous day’s workout. I’m not enjoying NYC though, no real flat routes which don’t help when riding to pre-defined workouts.

Day 7

#REDJanuary: Free Ride
Location: New York City (Zwift)

#REDJanuary Day 7

I decided on a free ride for Monday evening. I was fairly late getting on the bike so only went for half an hour. It was enough to pass 6 miles though. As this was a free ride I could feel the hills as there was no pre-defined workout. Changed the bike for the normal road bike in Zwift instead of the TT bike. Purely as I wasn’t in a workout I could then draft (cannot draft with a TT bike). Did I say I hate NYC in Zwift?

How Am I Feeling?

The honest answer to this question is good. I’ve really enjoyed getting on the bike every day so far. The fact I’m on the trainer and not out on the roads has made it a bit easier as I can hop-on and hop-off. No having to layer up and dig the bike out. No need to charge lights and no need to worry about the traffic.

I am missing the outdoor cycling a little at the moment, but I am also really enjoying the workouts in Zwift too. The workouts are structured and it should help me build some real fitness. Hopefully, the next time I am out and about outside I will be able to feel a difference compared to the last time.