It’s January and as expected Social media is full of those “New Year New Me” types who are all of a sudden on a diet in a bid to lose a few lbs. Give it another 4 or so weeks and most of them will have disappeared into the ether.

Our Slimming World Group had a good number of people join last week. It’s not only the New Year rush, as there is also an offer on joining at the moment. But either way, we have fresh blood in the group. I like it when new people join as when people share what sort of things they’ve enjoyed eating, our consultant makes them elaborate on what ingredients are used to the new people can understand better how Slimming World works. This works in my favour too as sometimes a seasoned member can pick up some new tricks etc.

If you’re wondering what Cabana is, it’s what our 4 year old calls Carbonara

The wife started the week by planning what meals we’re having for tea each day. We only plan tea on here as leftovers are usually used for lunch the following day. Breakfast comes with whatever we’ve got in and fancy that morning. With the meals planned the online shopping was amended to make sure what we needed was going to turn up.

Being back on plan and eating healthily again has been welcomed with open arms in our house this last week. After the Christmas and New Year treats that I overindulged on it’s been nice to taste some real food again. It’s amazing the flavours that can be cooked while eating healthily. A lot of people (and I used to be one) just thought eating salad and veg was a diet. It’s not, eating real food that you have to prep and cook yourself is eating healthily.

Can’t get more British than a Sausage Dinner

Eating properly again I’m feeling fuller for longer. We’re incorporating the major food groups; Carbs, Protein, Veg. I can feel the difference when on the bike too as I don’t feel rubbish after a ride.

I’ve found myself taking pictures of my meals again. I used to think this was nonsense, but sharing my meals is helping me keep on track. I feel I’ve taken so much inspiration from others sharing meals that look plain awesome, I might as well give back. You will see my instagram feed fill with food again, not just cycling (@fatmanslimming18).

Slimming World and eating healthily is exciting again. I feel that after the weeks of December I need it. I want it. I will go for it. That gain I took last week in group will be gone and I will enjoy it while it disappears.